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THE SUPERVET viewers were left in tears after police dog Trigger screeched in pain while being examined by Noel Fitzpatrick just minutes into Thursday’s episode.

The popular Channel 4 programme, whichfollows Dr Noel Fitzpatrick and his team as they use pioneering techniques to treat animals that are suffering from serious illnesses, returned last night with a very emotional episode.

Last night's episode left dog lovers across the country in tears as injured service dog Trigger was brought in because he was experiencing intense back pain.

The dog belonged to police dog trainer Rob, who desperately needed Trigger to heal so he could continue with his work.

Rob explained that if Trigger could no longer work, then he would be removed from the house, leaving Rob and his family heartbroken.

As Noel investigated Trigger's condition, the dog squealed and cried in pain, leaving fans of the Channel 4 series blubbering.

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The service dog was diagnosed with a painful spinal condition called Degenerative Lumbosacral Stenosis.

Noel explained to Rob that he would have to conduct three tests to see how much pain Trigger was in, and warned him it could be painful for him.

"I don't want to cause him pain, but I've got to document the pain and unfortunately, it's very subjective," Noel said.

"Sure," a worried Rob reacted. Noel told Rob to hold Trigger's head while he checked the dog.

As Noel started examining Trigger’s pain points, the dog started screeching in agony and pain, trying to escape from Noel.

Noel looked concerned, and made the decision to stop Trigger from returning to work if after 12 weeks the pain was still there.

Viewers of the programme were left in tears when they saw Trigger crying.

One user commented: "Bawling already #Supervet."

Another user added: "I think I must be hormonal…#supervet has barely started and I am already close to sobbing at the intro."

Another chimed in: "5 minutes in and we’re already bawling. Poor Trigger #Supervet."

Fans of the show also expressed how delighted they were to have the series back.

One user shared: "The return of #SuperVet, oh how I have missed the genuine care and dedication this man puts into every single animal!! Fingers crossed for Trigger and Raven!! #fitpatrickreferals."

The Irish veterinary surgeon himself also tweeted about the episode, saying: "Terrific Met Police Dog Trigger.

"A special boy with an amazing work ethic and an incredible bond with his partner/dad Rob.

"It is a privilege to have been entrusted with his care."

Luckily, Trigger ended up recovering, and felt no pain after Noel completed more tests on him.

It was a happy ending, as viewers found out that Trigger had returned to work.

The Supervet continues on Thursday at 8pm on Channel 4.

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