The One Show fans annoyed as presenters discuss Vigil finale without warning

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The One Show turned tense as fans warned hosts not to dish out any spoilers for the BBC drama Vigil

Host's Alex Scott, 36, and Jermaine Jenas, 38, were joined by actor Paterson Joseph who plays Neil Newsome in the hit crime investigation series.

Before the discussion began, the presenters seemed excited that inside information about the ending could be leaked.

However, viewers were fuming and took to Twitter to beg producers not to give anything away.

"@BBCTheOneShow Hey, guys… how about a spoiler alert before doing a feature on a show I'm waiting to binge-watch next weekend? #Vigil #TheOneShow #SpoilerAlert," asked one online user.

"#TheOneShow Some of us haven't seen Vigil yet and are waiting until they have all the episodes recorded. Don't give us any spoilers," requested another.

While a third barked: "Please do not do a spoiler on Vigil tonight.

"The record button has a purpose that many of us use to watch when convenient! Thanks #TheOneShow."

Fortunately for fans who were hoping to watch all episodes together at a later date were in luck.

Stand-in host Alex had been hoping to catch up too, telling Paterson: "I'm planning to binge watch on Sunday."

Paterson warned: "I wouldn't do that. And I know the ending. It's quite dark."

In spite of his recommendations, Alex wasn't taking no for an answer hitting back that the "suspense of waiting" each week would be too much for her to cope with.

The One Show airs weekdays on BBC One.

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