The Masked Singer: Rockhopper identity exposed as US chart-topper by obvious Williams clue

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The UK version of The Masked Singer is currently in its third outing on ITV, and five megastars have already been revealed. As the competition heats up this weekend, viewers may have already worked out Rockhopper’s identity after her third stunning performance.

Fans are convinced the Rockhopper will soon be revealed as chart-topping American singer, Michelle Williams.

This year’s avian performer took to the stage for the third time last Saturday to perform Edge of Midnight by Miley Cyrus featuring Stevie Nicks.

Her impressive performance kept her safe in the competition, though the identity of the celebrity underneath the Rockhopper’s feathered mask may have already been rumbled.

User Norfolkboy123 went on Reddit recently to explain their convincing theory.

They posted: “I’ll admit it took me some convincing, but there’s no way this isn’t Rockhopper.”

The Masked Singer fan accompanied their post with a video of Michelle performing the US National Anthem at last year’s NFL Kickoff with singer and pianist Cory Henry.

Their singing styles are strikingly similar, and the Rockhopper’s clues are already convincing ITV viewers Michelle is underneath the mask.

In the comments, another fan pointed out a number of clues that could refer to Michelle’s early start as one of the members of Destiny’s Child.

User yellowteapots replied: “I agree. It’s probably been said already but three cards of Williams… three in Destiny’s Child.

“And thanks to those in halos, and Beyoncé sang Halo…”

Michelle began her singing career as one-third of Destiny’s Child with Beyoncé Knowles and Kelly Rowland.

When Rockhopper joined The Masked Singer, her clue video featured images of William Shatner, William Shakespeare and Prince William, a sly reference to her surname.

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It also included a set of tarot cards, which could point to her role in the iconic girl group, and a reference to halos, like Beyoncé’s popular single.

After tuning in to three performances from the flightless performer so far, fans are more convinced than ever that Michelle will be revealed when Rockhopper is eventually eliminated.

The singer has already raised suspicions for UK viewers by appearing in the American version of the unpredictable celebrity competition.

Twitter user @Ghost_Girl84 said: “Go and watch Michelle Williams’ performances as Butterfly on the Masked Singer US on YouTube and tell me that isn’t the same person as Rockhopper.”

And Masked Singer fan Nicola insisted: “Rockhopper has to be Michelle Williams. Williams… Halo… Bootylicious sampled Edge of Seventeen.”

However, other viewers weren’t so convinced Michelle would be willing to appear in two different versions of the series.

@awinlelyargued: “Everyone on Twitter saying it could be Michelle Willams from Destiny’s Child but she has ALREADY done the US one so I doubt she’s also gonna do the UK one??”

Michelle is currently keeping busy with more acting, TV appearances, and even her own reality series, but could she have found time to swing by another iteration of The Masked Singer?

The Masked Singer season 3 continues Saturdays at 7pm on ITV.

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