The Last Kingdoms Sigtryggr details axed scene which didnt make to screens

Alexander Dreymon thanks fans as The Last Kingdom wraps

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Netflix’s hit historical drama, The Last Kingdom came to an end after it aired its fifth and final season in March. Despite Uhtred’s (played by Alexander Dreymon) journey coming to an end on the show, Sigtryggr star Eysteinn Sigurðarson revealed which of his scenes didn’t make it to the final cut of season five.

The Last Kingdom is the onscreen adaptation of a novel series written by Bernard Cornwell with the epic finale inspired by three of his books War of the Wolf, Sword of Kings and War Lord.

When season five premiered many fans were left on the edge of their seats hoping not to say goodbye to their favourite characters.

However, it was full of a number of dramatic twists and turns which saw a few beloved characters meet their demise.

As well as the high number of deaths, viewers were introduced to Sigtryggr in season four, who was Uhtred’s son-in-law.

During an interview with The Screen Chronicles, Sigtryggr actor Eysteinn revealed he had read the novels in preparation for the role.

However, he soon realised showrunners don’t always follow the exact events which took place in the books.

He stated: “I already knew coming into season 4 that they changed a lot of stuff.

“A lot of the best stuff in the show is directly from the books, but thankfully there are some different things.”

The actor explained: “Some characters are much bigger or different in the show and in some storylines than they are in the books.

“Sometimes it can be better, sometimes I guess the book readers will think ‘God I just wish they…”

Before he could finish, Eysteinn recalled an axed scene: “Honestly, when I read the book I was like ‘Oh my God’ I wished I could do the scene where Sigtryggr jumps off the castle wall in Chester.

The actor shared that this scene would have happened “after getting his eye cut out because he was with Stiorra and just for a moment he gets lost in seeing her”.

He detailed: “He gets his eye chopped off, jumps off the wall and rolls through a ditch and goes ‘I’m Odin.’”

The actor went on to explain how reading the novels ahead of his debut helped him understand his character better.

“I can’t say why they change things but going forward it helped me to have read the books to see there was a sense of humour in him, he’s very funny.”

Eysteinn added: “He’s very confident, he’s a great leader of men, he is a fearless fighter so I brought that.

Sadly Sigtryggr also met his demise in season four when he stormed the Saxon camp and as a result he was punished by King Edward (Timothy Innes).

Uhtred was forced to kill his own son-in-law by stabbing him through the heart with his sword.

While there won’t be a sixth season, the remainder of Bernard Cornwell’s novels will be adapted into a feature film, Seven King Must Die.

Uhtred is one of the many characters who will make an appearance, although a release date is yet to be revealed, will be updated.

The Last Kingdom is available on Netflix.

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