The Larkins: Mariette actress Sabrina Bartlett makes confession about rehearsing

The Larkins reboot with Bradley Walsh begins on ITV

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The Larkins has been airing on ITV and the uplifting family drama brings the original Darling Buds of May characters back to life. Mariette (played by Sabrina Bartlett) is the eldest Larkin sibling and she attracts plenty of attention in the village. Actress Bartlett spoke to and other media, making a confession about how she got into character.

The Larkins has become a staple part of ITV’s weekend schedule and it has put smiles on viewers’ faces across the UK.

The series is based on the classic set of books featuring the Larkin family at their countryside home in Kent.

The escapist drama has seen eldest daughter Mariette steal the hearts of the male villagers.

In the new adaptation, the role is played by Bridgerton actress Sabrina Bartlett, and she opened up about how she approached the role.

The character was made iconic by Catherine Zeta-Jones and Bartlett was asked how familiar she was with Mariette before she came to the show.

She said: “I must confess that I hadn’t seen Darling Buds of May, obviously it was something I had heard of.

“But in auditioning for the part I approached it that I didn’t look at the series, I didn’t look at any photos.

“I just wanted to read it and have my own interpretation of the character in terms of the way she came across.

“And especially with Simon’s [Nye] writing, the idea we are looking at this character now, in this time.

“It’s something I think at some point I would love to go back and revisit.”

She said approaching the character with no outside influences was more beneficial to her.

The star continued: “I found it really useful not having that view of someone else’s character in my head when we were on set and rehearsing.

“And I think it’s something that all of us discovered together, we had lots of conversations about Mariette.

“What we wanted to achieve and what we wanted the audience to feel about her, that was something that was so lovely to find on set together.

“Especially with Andy [De Emmony] who was incredibly patient and incredibly generous with me.”

“I felt very at home with everybody as well, sort of like falling down the rabbit hole and having a family overnight.

“Inheriting this wild family which, after such a hard year for everybody, I think even being on set at all was such a privilege.

“I felt so lucky to be there having this wonderful Ma and Pop and having all of our siblings and all of these animals.”

The star has been praised for embracing the role and man fans have commented on her beautiful looks.

They took to Twitter to share their thoughts, with Rodney Jackson saying: “The new Mariette on The Larkins will be a huge star, maybe even bigger than Zeta-Jones.”

Chloe Stothers added: “I have to say Mariette is very attractive #thelarkins.”

Tatted Gamer said: “Mariette is an actual goddess #TheLarkins.”

However, there were some complaints over the casting, with Jewel Brigden saying: “The actress who plays Mariette is too old for the role.

“She’s 30. Mariette is supposed to be 19. Poorly cast. She doesn’t look right. #thelarkins.”

The Larkins continues on ITV on Sunday at 8pm.

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