The Grand Tour's Richard Hammond sparks outrage as he smashes into cars in 'appalling' parking fail

THE GRAND Tour's Richard Hammond left onlookers shocked as he smashed into cars during an 'appalling' parking fail.

An outraged driver tipped off police as they witnessed the incident in a crowded street – only to realise it was the motor-loving TV star.

The former Top Gear presenter was caught on camera bashing into neighbouring cars a dozen times as he tried to fit into a tight space.

And passers-by filmed as the mystery maroon Renault people-carrier smashed into the bumpers of two cars next to it to get into the narrow bay.

One driver tipped off police and even sent a video for the driver to be arrested for the damage.

But then police told him it was Hammond filming – and his parking wreckage was part of his work.

The worried local contacted police to tweet a video of the "appalling" parking in Crickhowell, mid-Wales.

The force responded by saying: “Hi Philip, thanks for getting in touch. We are aware of some filming happening in and around this area at the moment, but thanks for letting us know.”

Hammond, 51, was filming in the quiet market town of Crickhowell, Powys, just 25 miles from his home in nearby Ross-on-Wye.

One passer-by said: "It was a terrible piece of parking. But just the thing a lot of us would like to do when you can't find a space big enough.

"The three cars involved were all quite old so it wouldn't have caused too much damage."

Hammond was in Crickhowell filming a segment for the fourth series of The Grand Tour for Amazon Prime Video.

In the one-minute and 41-second long video, local residents can be seen getting out their phones and filming as a maroon Renault people carrier tries to manoeuvre into a tight parking bay in-between a grey Citroen Saxo and another grey Renault vehicle.

Hammond's people-carrier revs and screeches loudly with its wheels spinning and smoking as it tries to barge the Saxo out of the way.

When the driver finally managed to squeeze into the space – he jumped out only for eagle-eyed fans to spot it was Hammond as he walked away.

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