The First ‘FBOY Island‘ Trailer is Even More Wild Than You’d Imagine

If you’re thinking about taking a luxurious vacation with the chance of also falling in love with the hot guy of your dreams, then you’re definitely not planning on going to FBOY Island. But three not so lucky ladies are getting to chance to stay in a special villa with 24 guys who seem to be there for all the right reasons.

But of course we wouldn’t be tuning in if it were that easy. Half of the guys are lying and are only there for the cash prize that they’ll score if they stay all the way until the end. Will the women be able to figure out who is playing them for money? Or will this end in heartbreak? You’re going to have to tune in to find out.

In the meantime though, here’s what to know about HBO Max’s FBOY Island.

Wait, is FBOY Island a real show?

Yep, it totally is! It’s like Love Island with a twist. Three women have signed up to take part in the series where they’ll get the chance to know 24 different guys. But 12 of them are self-proclaimed f-boys, while the rest are actually nice guys who are hoping to get to know them. They won’t know who is who and neither will the audience! In the end, there will be a grand prize.

Hopefully, the women will be able to figure out who really wants to get to know them…or they’ll be left heartbroken in the middle of FBOY Island.

Is there a trailer I can watch?

HBO Max finally released a trailer for the series this week! It looks just as wild as you’d imagine. Parties, games, and tons of dramatic fights are going to take over the house. While it seems like some of the f-boys might be, well, obvious to spot, it also looks like there might be some fun surprises (and tears) along the way. Check it out below:

Who is hosting FBOY Island?

Comedian Nikki Glaser is hosting the series, and based on those final moments in the trailer, it looks like she’s having the time of her life watching all the drama unfold.

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When will FBOY Island come out?

HBO Max announced the series will premiere on July 29! So get your drinks and subscriptions ready, because you’re totally going to need them for this series.

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