The Chase: Mark Labbett rages at player after ITV quiz claim ‘Do you not watch this show?’

Mark, 54, was revealed to be the Chaser taking on today’s batch of The Chase contestants, hoping to defeat them and deprive them of a jackpot prize. Host Bradley Walsh, 59, was on hand to oversee proceedings and rattled through the players to get to the Final Chase. However, the ITV quiz show was stopped in its tracks as The Beast took issue with one hopeful about stating their teammate was “the best player” she’d ever seen on the programme.

The moment came after contestant Lucy was the second player put against the Chaser to try and make it back to the concluding round.

After a great cash builder, she managed to accumulate a cash sum of £6,000, although she believed she could have done better.

Going up against Mark, the player was given the opportunity to take a higher offer of £36,000 or a lower amount of a grand.

Getting advice from her teammates, one contestant thought Lucy had the potential to go all the way, but The Beast wasn’t convinced, leading to a shock outburst.


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With the offers on the table, Bradley asked contestant Karen what she would do if she were in her teammate’s shoes.

Astounded by the player’s achievement, she claimed: “I think you are the best player I’ve ever seen on this.

“You’re amazing. You were so quick,” she continued, before encouraging Lucy by adding: “I’d go for the top offer. You are so going to do it.”

The host then asked player Haroon for his advice, to which he reiterated Karen’s sentiments.

“Yeah, that was an amazing cash builder. You could have got at least eight, nine grand I reckon,” the player opined.

“6k is a lot as well. To have you back in the Final Chase would be great,” he told Lucy, with teammate Mark also giving his view on the matter.

“Yeah, wonderful. You know your stuff. Definitely, it’s all in there,” he said as he gave his words of encouragement to the hopeful.

“Do what you feel, but yeah, stick with the six grand and make it back here,” he continued, with Lucy going on to take her cash builder amount.

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Do you not watch this show?

Mark Labbett

However, when The Beast was given the floor to offer his standing on Lucy’s decision, Mark raged at Karen over her claim.

“The best player you’ve ever seen?!” he quizzed in astonishment, before slamming her as he asked: “Do you not watch this show?

“She’s probably not the best player here today. In fact, she certainly isn’t,” the Chaser added, before losing the round to Lucy who made it back for the Final Chase.

When it was Karen’s chance to face Mark, he had a few thoughts to share with her after she topped her teammate’s cash builder by a grand.


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Quoting the amount she had sitting in the bank, The Beast said: “You scrod seven, so what does that make you?” referring to her “best player” remark.

Unfortunately, she didn’t manage to match the efforts of her fellow contestants and was knocked out of the show.

It was only players Lucy and Mark who took on the Chaser in the final round, but they failed to win the jackpot.

Commenting on the result, The Chase star said Karen’s comment had irked him enough to give him the motivation to beat today’s team.

The Chase airs weekdays at 5pm on ITV.

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