The Blacklist season 9: Charlene exposed as Doug’s killer as fans uncover key clues?

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Assistant Director Harold Cooper (played by Harry Lennix) could still be facing trial for the mysterious murder of his wife’s ex-lover. After a sinister phone call in the last episode of The Blacklist put him in hot water yet again, fans of the NBC drama have a pretty good idea of who the real culprit could be.

Viewers are convinced Cooper’s own wife, Charlene (Valarie Pettiford), could be framing him for the murder of Doug Koster.

In one of the most shocking developments of the new season, Charlene’s former lover was found dead of a gunshot which matches Cooper’s own weapon.

To make the situation more complicated, Cooper woke up in a parking garage with absolutely no memory of the events of the previous night.

Cooper soon realises his gun is missing a round, and asks his wife to provide a false alibi to clear him from suspicion.

Unfortunately, a strange phone call in the latest episode has confirmed there is still substantial evidence to pin him for the unsolved killing.

As time quickly runs out for the FBI Assistant Director, some fans are convinced the real culprit could be much closer to home than he realised.

Charlene eventually agreed to lie for her husband, but her reluctance to do so alerted some fans’ suspicions.

While all the signs are pointing to Cooper committing the murder, some viewers have been speculating about Charlene’s involvement during the hiatus.

In a recent discussion on Reddit, user aquapandora suggested: “I think Cooper is protecting Charlene, he knows she is involved somehow (or that she killed the guy).”

They explained how Cooper’s suspicious behaviour could be indicating that he knows the score already, and he’s secretly working with his wife to cover up her crime.

“Cooper is not a fool,” the post continued. “He wouldn’t act this unreasonably if something wasn’t up.

“Suddenly asking her to lie for him [about] being with him? More like confirming [an] alibi for her.”

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Whether Charlene admitted to the crime off-screen or Cooper worked out the situation himself, this Blacklist fan is convinced he knows more than he’s letting on.

Alternatively, they could both be in the dark about each other’s potential involvement in Doug’s death.

The viewer suggested: “Maybe they both will think the other did it and in the meantime, someone else was [behind] it?

“But by protecting each other maybe they will cause some drama and confusion, not communicating, not saying they think the other did it?”

Down in the comments, fans have also spotted some contradictions in Charlene’s behaviour which could once again single her out as the prime suspect.

Earlier in the series, Charlene leaked information to the press to protect her husband, yet is still hesitant to break the law again by lying about her husband’s alibi.

Could her shady behaviour prove her downfall later in the series, or is the real murderer still hiding in the shadows?

The Blacklist season nine continues February 2022 on NBC.

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