The Bachelor’s Peter Weber’s brother SLAMS Madison Prewett and claims she is not who she appears to be on the show – The Sun

PETER Weber’s brother Jack went OFF on Instagram about his disapproval for new girlfriend Madison Prewett.

Pilot Pete, 28, and Madi, 23, got back together on this week’s season finale of The Bachelor but were met with HARSH criticism from the leading man’s entire family.

The indecisive reality star got engaged to Hannah Ann Sluss, 23, but broke things off just one month later to get back together with the runner-up.

His mom Barbara was VERY vocal with her son about the family’s affection toward the Knoxville, Tennessee model but expressed her hesitations that he was not “compatible” with the religious Alabama native.

As a response to the family backlash, one follower commented on his brother Jack’s Instagram: ”This is reality TV. They portray everyone and everything how they want for views and drama.

“Everyone needs to hop off and get a grip. If you think this is exactly how it went down then you need a reality check.”

The disdain for the Auburn alum turned into a family affair when the 25-year-old brother threw major shade at his potential sister-in-law when he responded:

"Dude facts. Half these people don't even have the slightest clue as to how far Madi is from what the TV shows."

He continued to drag Madison in the comment section: “That good reason that everybody likes her is called “strategic editing.’”

Jack fired off in another: “Did you ever once think that there is a reason why only the family who has actually met this girl in person and knows what goes on behind the cameras has a different opinion? You need to learn how reality TV works."

When one critic questioned the amount of time they actually spent together, he wrote: “If you think I only talked to her for 5 minutes then you really have no idea how this show works.”

Jack and Peter’s mother did NOT hold back during the live finale when the controversial couple were on-stage with host Chris Harrison, 48.

“We met Madison, and it started on a rocky road, because she had us wait three hours to come in… she didn't want to meet us.

"When she did come in, we didn't get an apology from her, and when I proceeded to ask her if she was madly in love with my son, she said no and she would not accept a proposal in four days.”

The now-famous rant continued: ”When I said I wanted Hannah Ann so badly, it was because… we just clicked right away. We did not have that connection with Madison.”

When Chris asked how the family can proceed to move forward, she blasted her son: "he's going to have to fail to succeed.

"Everyone that knows him knows it's not going to work," she said to a shocked audience.

Both the Delta pilot and the Southern contestant admitted they have many “obstacles” ahead and neither have made a public appearance since the disastrous finale.

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