Teen Mom fans think Taylor Selfridge looks 'so different' in new photos after she admits to plastic surgery

TEEN Mom fans have been sharing their thoughts on Taylor Selfridge's "new face" after the star admitted to having plastic surgery.

The mom-of-one, who shares young daughter Mila with Cory Wharton, has been told she looks "so different" in new snaps of her face.

Taylor, 26, recently opened up about having a boob job after the birth of her 11-month-old, saying her chest "dropped" after breast feeding.

But now fans are commenting on the MTV star's face, with many slamming her for "messing with her face" as she was "beautiful before".

One Reddit user even compared the star, who is step-mom to four-year-old Ryder, the daughter of Cheyenne Floyd, to Quentin Tarantino.

"Apologizing in advance but today is the second time someone has compared Taylor's new face to Quentin Tarantino and I can't stop laughing," they wrote.

Beside the comment, they posted a screen grab of a side-by-side comparison of the Teen Mom star and the legendary film director.

"I don't know why these pretty girls mess with their faces," another woman pointed out about Taylor's noticeably smaller nose and plumped lips.

"It literally looks like her face shrunk, like she used to have a beautiful face, proportionate, now it looks like someone smushed it downwards," one agreed.

"If you hate your appearance that much and have money to spend, the safer investment to make is therapy not surgery," a fourth wrote.

"There's nothing wrong with a little filler but this is probably too much," another concluded. "She should've kept her original face."

Others stepped into defend the star calling her "gorgeous" and "beautiful", saying: "She's just smiling with her mouth closed, nothing's different."

It comes after the 26-year-old admitted she was in “pain” after undergoing a breast augmentation procedure that she had always wanted to have done.

In a revealing YouTube video, Taylor sat down in front of the camera while Cory stood behind the scenes and asked her questions all about the breast augmentation.

She explained the reason she decided to get them done in the first place, which was she’d always thought her boobs were “very small.”

The reality star said she had been planning for years to have them done, but after she welcomed Mila and her breasts “got a little bit bigger but dropped,” she figured it was time.

In footage from hours after the surgery, Taylor revealed there was a bit of “pain” but she didn’t “really hurt that bad.”

To explain to her doctor exactly what she wanted, Taylor showed a picture of Kylie Jenner’s breasts and said she “wanted very natural, not too crazy.”

Though the 26-year-old was supposed to wait six weeks before picking up anything over 10 pounds, she admitted she “I held Mila, but I didn’t pick her up until I was about two weeks out.” 

The Teen Mom star added: “You’re not supposed to do that…but I lifted very gently.”

Cory – who also shares daughter Ryder with ex Cheyenne Floyd – asked his girlfriend to reveal just how big her boobs are now.

Earlier this month, the Teen Mom star flaunted her post-surgery body in a white bikini top while vacationing in Mexico with Cory.

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