Teen Mom fans shocked as Javi Marroquin and baby mama Lauren Comeau reunite for church after she slammed 'cheating' star

JAVI Marroquin and his ex-fiancée Lauren Comeau are back to spending time together as the duo were spotted at church Sunday morning with their children.

The Teen Mom stars recently cut ties after cheating allegations ran rampant against the father of two.

Javi, 28, attended United Church in Delaware with his baby mama this morning, despite their rocky relationship over the last few months.

In a photo shared on the church's Instagram page, Javi, Lauren, 29, and their two children, Lincoln, seven, and Eli, two, posed in the snow.

The whole family had big bright smiles on their faces as they showed off their Superbowl jerseys.

Fans were shocked by the image, as Javi and Lauren have been in a very public battle since their breakup late last year.

One commented: "She's drama" while another agreed: "back together in 3…2…1…"

"She's more of a clown than him," a follower trolled, while a fourth slammed: "This is weird. Can we please cancel Lauren and Javi."

Lauren and Javi called off their engagement after his ex-wife Kailyn Lowry claimed he tried to hookup with her in a parking lot.

When Kailyn, 28, was upset with her baby daddy for his reluctance to pick up their son Lincoln, she said: “You’re going to treat me like this… oh is that why you tried to f*** me on Tuesday? In the Wawa parking lot, while your girlfriend is home with your son… just this past week.

“He pulled into the Wawa parking lot while I was getting gas and was like ‘hey what’s up?’ then he opened the door and was like, ‘I wanna f*** you plain and simple.’ I said 'bye Javi'.

“So you’re willing to come to Middletown to f*** me but you won’t come here to get your son? Only if it benefits you in a sexual way.”

After the allegations leaked, Lauren moved back to her home state of Maine with Eli, before settling in Delaware.

Javi admitted he "f**ked up 100%" and said: "I'll take the blame for that."

In an Instagram Live video shortly after, the mom of one broke down in tears as she shared how hurtful the experience was for her.

“It’s just really f**king upsetting that two people can still be ok with causing people this much pain," she sobbed.

“It’s really f**king upsetting. I’ve had my fair share of betrayal and pain my whole life but what I learned today, from the kids nonetheless, just makes me feel like the last three years they’ve just been waiting for this.

“I’ve always known people have been against me and Javi, people have wanted to see us break up our whole relationship and now that it’s finally here, it’s just like, where did those three years go?"

She added: "People can move on with their life, their relationship gets better and I’m just here to pick up the pieces with my kid, stuck here [in Delaware] with no family or friends."

Lauren also shed some speculation that there was something "more" to Javi's relationship with Kailyn, despite their friendly co-parenting over the years.

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