Susanna Reid moved to tears by England fan who skipped Euros to donate stem cells

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Susanna Reid was moved to tears by a brave football fan who gave up his Euros 2020 semi-finals ticket to donate his stem cells to save someone’s life.

Appearing on Good Morning Britain today, Sam Astley spoke about giving up his chance to see the sought-after England match for something more important.

Explaining his selfless act, Sam said he signed up to donate stem cells three years ago through his friend Simon Wilkes, who has a rare type of blood cancer and whose son had died from a disorder as well.

However, Sam wasn’t called up until seven weeks ago.

“I got the call to say that it was a potential match, and it was scheduled in for Thursday just gone, but we had to be admitted the day before,” he told Susanna and Richard Madeley.

When Richard asked if he “couldn’t delay it for 24 hours” so he could go, Sam said it could have been a possibility but he never considered it.

“I could have, but obviously I wouldn't do that, because I noticed from speaking to Simon, that the person who would be waiting for the stem cells would be really sick because their medication wouldn't be working anymore,” he said.

“Maybe for a split second [I thought about it], because it's great to win that kind of prize, but no, I would never have never delayed it.”

Susanna then admitted Sam’s bravery was making her emotional, with his donation “putting everything into perspective” after England’s loss last night.

“There's two ways of doing it, you can either do it through a blood method where for five hours you're hooked up on the table, and then extract the stem cells,” he said of the procedure.

“But the way I did it was called a bone marrow harvest. So that actually put me to sleep and extract the bone marrow through your back, in your pelvic bone. But you're out for it, I've come back round, I had a bit of back pain for a couple of days but more than anything, just get a bit tired.

“So for the next few weeks I'll be a bit tired.

Thankfully, after Sam’s story went viral, he and girlfriend Beth – who initially won the tickets as part of her work as an NHS nurse – was offered tickets to see the England V Italy final – and while England didn’t win, he said it was worth it.

“Even though we didn't get the result, there's more important things like this whole experiences, put into perspective,” Sam added.

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