'Stranger Things 4': Karen Wheeler Got Her Very Own Character Poster and We Need to Know Why

‘Stranger Things 4’ character posters featured a classically ‘80s Karen Wheeler

When Netflix started dropping the character posters for Stranger Things 4, Karen likely wasn’t on anyone’s list of people expected to get their own poster. However, if there’s anyone who truly embraces the ‘80s in Stranger Things, it’s Karen. With a permed ‘do that screams she’s reveling in her Flashdance phase, Karen stares out from the poster with a worried look. She’s wearing a red and purple collared shirt as the silhouette of the Creel House is shown beneath her. Her poster features the same reddish-purple background as the rest of the Hawkins’ character posters.

Does ‘Stranger Things 4’ put Karen Wheeler in harm’s way?

So far, almost all of the adults in Hawkins remain blissfully ignorant regarding the supernatural happenings in the town. However, each season brings Karen closer and closer to the mystery. (Plus, we don’t know how often your kids can be involved with government agents and huge accidents like mall fires before you start to suspect things aren’t as they seem.) While she’s yet to figure out the mystery fully, she’s probably the adult closest to knowing about the Upside Down aside from Hopper (David Harbour) and Joyce (Winona Ryder).

If Stranger Things 4 includes a significant plot point around Karen, it makes sense why she would get her own poster. We know Netflix gave Eddie (Joseph Quinn) and Argyle (Eduardo Franco) their own posters, as well as Murray Bauman (Bret Gellman), who’s played a minor character until now. 

The full-length trailer for Stranger Things 4 showed us several scenes with Murray, but only one millisecond flash of a scene involving Karen. However, the action looked particularly dangerous. Karen attempts to shield Holly from an explosion or gunshots as the two knelt by a couch. While we don’t know how much Stranger Things 4 puts Karen in the action, it’s enough to make us worry about her safety with the latest reveal of her own character poster. 

Thankfully we only have two more weeks to wait. Stranger Things 4 Part 1 premieres on May 27, 2022.

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