‘Stop giving them airtime!’ BBC viewers blast Insulate Britain coverage

Insulate Britain protester glues FACE to floor before it's painfully peeled off

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BBC Breakfast was hosted by John Kay and Sally Nugent on Wednesday morning and a big topic on the programme was the protests being organised by Insulate Britain. Reporter Greg McKenzie was on the scene in West London where protestors had blocked part of the A40. However, when Greg attempted to interview some protestors, viewers quickly hit out on Twitter asking the programme to not give them any air time.

BBC Breakfast viewers fumed about the Insulate Britain interviews on Twitter.

@LynnWarren9 wrote: “#BBCBreakfast giving insulate Britain the coverage will keep them disrupting.”

“Why give them bloody air time, p*** off Matthew #BBCBreakfast,” @GavinEvs added.

“Stop giving these p****s airtime! #BBCBreakfast,” @Lockdowntown11 said.

@nightsofmagic wrote: “Why are you giving those idiots from IB publicity you need to throw cold water over them instead not interview them, they are stopping working people earning a living as they are probably scrounging off the state #BBCBreakfast.”

@JeanW218 “#BBCBreakfast why are you giving these protesters air time ?”

More to follow…

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