Star Trek legend William Shatner on boxing Mike Tyson and his George Foreman similarities

Senior Moment: William Shatner stars in trailer for new film

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Star Trek’s original James T Kirk actor may be 90-years-old, but he shows no sign of tiring out. Earlier this year, William Shatner did some boxing sparring with Mike Tyson himself for a Coppergel pain relief advert. Speaking exclusively with, Shatner shared what it was like being in the ring with the champ.

Shatner told us: “Mike Tyson is one rich character! I more than enjoyed it.”

The duo met prior to the ad and bonded over discussing religion before the Star Trek legend pitched the boxing commercial idea.

Once in the ring, the 90-year-old remembered: “We put on the gloves and Mike started to dance around and he moved so quickly my eyes couldn’t follow him!”

Shatner pointed out that Tyson is in his mid-50s so just imagine how fast he was in his youth.

Shatner, who was promoting his new movie Senior Moment, shared: “I followed Mike Tyson’s career on film. A film exists of him when he was 13/14 when he was just off the streets and he became like an adopted son to Cus D’Amato, this great trainer.

“By the time he was 18, he was a very skilled boxer. But there was something I saw in Mike.

“There was this unique physical strength and there was this burning hunger.”

The Star Trek actor also knows boxer George Foreman, who starred in the reality-travel show Better Late Than Never with him, and said how they’ve been in the ring together.

Comparing Tyson to Foreman, Shatner said: “These two guys…the similarity that is there. In their youth they were killers – they didn’t kill anybody but they could’ve.

“Hitting people in the ring took over that killer instinct. Both of them learned not only to temper that but to change that.

“They were able to get all their viciousness and anger out in the ring without harming anyone else.”

The 90-year-old added that after a while both realised they didn’t need to feel that way and working themselves out of it.

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During the interview, Shatner also shared that he would return to Star Trek on one condition.

He said: “Y’know, Star Trek is a marvellous show. How it’s lasted all these years, why it has all these iterations, I don’t know.

“I spend the time speculating why Star Trek has been and is so popular. In fact, nobody really knows.

“So I would be delighted to be a part of Star Trek if it was something worthy.”

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