Stacey Solomon's phone stolen by Joe Swash – forcing her to sleep in until 9am and relax as Mother's Day treat

STACEY Solomon had her phone stolen by fiancé Joe Swash this morning – forcing her to sleep in and relax as a Mother's Day treat.

The 39-year-old star documented his plans on her Instagram Story – filming as he prepared a slap-up breakfast, and even attempting one of her infamous 'Tap To Tidy' transitions.

The TV favourite kickstarted the day by filming 31-year-old Stacey snuggled up in bed, deep in sleep despite toddler son Rex and pet dog Theo beside her.

Joe explained: "Stolen her phone and turned off her alarm because for some reason she likes to set it for stupid o'clock so that she wakes up before everyone in the house.

"Not today, going to grab the boy and try and leave her as long as I can. Happy Mother's Day to you all."

He then filmed his attempt to make heart shaped eggs as part of Stacey's breakfast – adding bacon, avocado, and spaghetti hoops.

Rex tucked into some toast beside him, with Joe admitting he had no idea how Stacey was able to do so much with just one hand while filming with the other.

He was sure to clean up all of the mess that making breakfast had caused, showing followers the before and after.

Adding Spice Girls hit Mama to the next video, he served Stacey the meal – with the star beaming as she cuddled up to her two oldest sons, Leighton and Zachary, on the sofa.

Joe gushed about his fiancée as he captioned the clip: "Happy mumma's day! To my darling fiancée, next Mother's Day you will be my WIFE."

He added: "She woke up at 8.50am, wahoo mission accomplished.

"First thing she said was: 'You got my phone?' and then: 'Oh no'!"

Stacey was then thrilled to get her phone back, admitting to her fans that she was "scared" when she realised what Joe had done.

She explained: "I was scared to look at my Stories this morning when I got my phone back, but it turns out it was the cutest thing ever. Love him."

Stacey also told followers that she was going "overboard" with a full-face of make-up as a Mother's Day treat, with she, Joe, and the kids planning to go on a family walk before tucking into a takeaway.

She sent love to fans who may be struggling with today, saying: "I'm really thinking of you and I hope you get through today."

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