Spoilers: Laurel makes shock abuse confession to Jai in Emmerdale

Jai Sharma (Chris Bisson) could be set to split up from Laurel Thomas (Charlotte Bellamy) in Emmerdale when he learns the shocking truth about who was hurting Archie. As Laurel makes a confession about Arthur’s involvement after being backed into a corner, can Jai ever forgive either of them and is there a future for their now fractured relationship?

Laurel had agreed to keep quiet that it was Arthur who had been bullying Archie but when loved up Jai suggests they move in together, Laurel explains to Arthur that so long as she is carrying the burden of this secret, she can’t in all good conscience take Jai up on his offer.

Not wanting to ruin things, Arthur decides it’s time to be honest and he heads to confess to Jai but Laurel interjects and stops him – before agreeing to move in with a delighted Jai. As Laurel and Arthur move their belongings in, Archie is less than happy but Jai is oblivious to the tension and Laurel hopes naively that everything is going to be okay.

Later, when Archie starts playing with Sandy’s ship in a bottle and ends up dropping it, a smash is heard and Laurel and Jai are horrified to find that Archie is injured beneath a toppled cabinet.

Laurel fears that Arthur is to blame and it seems like she may be right when Archie points the finger, accusing him. Arthur defiantly protests his innocence but Jai is confused as to why Archie would blame Arthur.

Laurel is forced to admit the truth to Jai – Arthur has been the one bullying his son. But how will he cope with this shocking revelation?

Doubled with the fact that Laurel has lied to him for weeks, will this be the last straw for the couple and see them torn apart?

Or can they all work together to unite and become a family, despite everything?

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