Spoilers: James is forced to cover up his sexuality in sad Corrie story

James Bailey (Nathan Graham) has been struggling to come to terms with dad Ed (Trevor Michael Georges) harsh words following his decision to come out in Coronation Street, but the young man finds himself in a difficult situation during the coming episodes, as he’s accidentally outed by Danny on social media, leaving him fearing for his football career.

As Aggie (Lorna Laidlaw) delivers a heartfelt speech after collecting her Golden Hearts award, a reporter comes up to James and reveals that there are rumours about his sexuality beginning to circulate on social media — something which leaves the young man in shock. James insists that he’s not gay and hurries away.

The young man later figures out that Danny has accidentally outed him on social media via a post, and — after he reveals this to Ed and Aggie — he claims that his career is ruined.

Michael discovers that Danny has removed the social media post and later informs James about this, but James believes that it’s too late. As a result, he confronts Danny and berates him for his actions, claiming that he should’ve been allowed to come out on his own terms.

However, James soon receives a text from his manager, who’s summoned him to a meeting with a County press officer — something which leaves him worried about his career once more.

The County manager press officer arrives at the Baileys’ home, and reveals that James has their full support, but nonetheless, James lies and assures the press officer that he’s not gay — something which he later reiterates to his family, and Ed’s relived.

Aggie and Michael, however, are worried for James, as they believe he’s living a lie.

Will James regret his decision to lie?

One to watch: Wednesday 11 March at 8:30pm on ITV.

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