Spoilers: Ben lies to Phil about his sex assault trauma in EastEnders

We all know Ben (Max Bowden) and Phil Mitchell (Steve McFadden) have a difficult relationship in EastEnders, so of course Ben is finding the prospect of telling his dad he was raped incredibly difficult.

One thing that’s always troubled Ben is the pressure he’s felt from Phil to be his perception of a tough man.

For example, after the boat crash a few years ago, Ben failed to tell his dad the injuries he sustained caused him to lose his hearing completely, worried showing emotion and not being strong enough would impact the love Phil has for him.

This week, still struggling with the aftermath of his assault, Ben turned to drugs to try and cope.

On top of that, Ben also revealed he cut off Jags protection, which led to his death.

Kathy felt sorry for Ben and decided to tell Phil their son was raped.

As a new week begins, Phil starts questioning Ben about his attack, insisting on the name of the person who did it.

Unsure on what do to, Ben says Kathy got the wrong end of the stick, he wasn’t raped.

Ben is no doubt fearing what Phil would do if he found out Lewis (Aidan O’Callaghan) raped him, but will the truth get out eventually?

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