Soaplands most terrifying teen killers exposed from Lachlan White to Nico Blake

Soapland is one of the most dangerous worlds to live in, thanks to its high rate of accidents and ailments.

Some soap characters from the likes of Hollyoaks, Coronation Street, EastEnders and Emmerdale morphed into murderers at a very young age.

There are some killers which are you can tell from a mile off, and then there are those characters who take viewers by complete suprise.

From Ben Mitchell murdering Albert Square favourite Heather Trott to Weatherfield Clayton Harris murdering Kylie Platt, Daily Star has taken a look back at the most terrifying teen killers.

Clayton Hibbs – Coronation Street

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Fans can thank Gemma Winters for this one, as Clayton Hibbs was a dodgy old mate of hers from their days on the estate.

He started showing up at the kebab shop in 2016 and harassed poor Gemma for money.

When a confrontation between the pair turned nasty, Kylie Platt rushed to Gemma's defence.

The yob later stabbed young mum Kylie and fled from the street.

In a harrowing and memorable scene, she bled to death in the arms of her devastated hubby David Platt.

Clayton was eventually jailed for Kylie's murder. In an "only in soaps" twist, his mum Shona went on marry David.

Katy Harris – Coronation Street

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Actress Lucy-Jo Hudson currently plays reformed addict Donna-Marie Quinn in Hollyoaks.

Earlier in her career, she was part of Corrie's ill-fated Harris clan.

Schoolgirl Katy's relationship with older man Martin Platt outraged her overprotective dad, mechanic Tommy.

When Katy realised that he dad had tricked her into aborting Martin's baby, she hit him with a handily placed wrench.

Katy's mum Angela nobly agreed to take the blame for her actions, but the guilt became too much to bear for Katy and she later took her own life.

Ben Mitchell – EastEnders

Having Phil Mitchell for a father would mess anybody up. Throw in Ben's tendency to wake up with a completely new head every few years and it's no wonder he snapped.

Unfortunately it was kind hearted, simple natured George Michael fan Heather Trott who got in Ben's way in 2012.

Crossed wires meant that the Mitchell thought Hev grassed him up to the police for lying about Phil pushing his abuser Stella to her death.

The red mist descended and Ben lashed out at poor Heather with a photo frame, as her young son George lay in the next room.

Ben went down for manslaughter but has since been released and now married to PC Callum Highway.

Lachlan White – Emmerdale

This spoilt little rich kid was nicknamed "Lucky" by his mother, which should have been a sign of the mayhem to come.

Laclan crossed a line when he sexually assaulted Alicia Gallagher, who had taken him under her wing.

He later turned murderous, attacking his trusting pal Gerry.

His family's plan to start afresh in Australia really tipped him over the edge. Lachlan took the wheel of the Whites' car and deliberately crashed the vehicle into an oncoming lorry, killing his mum Chrissie and granddad Lawrence.

His aunt Rebecca sustained a brain injury, yet Lachlan still held her captive in a creepy cabin in the woods.

He also manipulated his girlfriend Belle and would have killed her too if he wasn't caught.

Nico Blake – Hollyoaks

Her messed up genes won't have helped, but Nico Blake still stands out as one of Hollyoaks village's most memorable serial killers.

The emo teen killed Carly Bradley with a paperweight, suffocated her terminally ill granddad Patrick with a pillow, and fatally stabbed poor Trevor Royle minutes before he was due to wed Grace Black.

She attempted to murder Theresa McQueen for her own kidney and even her own mother Sienna more than once.

After apparently dying in the Maze Blaze during the Halloween Spooktacular of 2016, Nico rose again to stalk Sienna from afar in 2018. A spooked Sienna killed Nico in an act of self defence, but Nico still wasn't finished.

Last year, she taunted her aunt Liberty, who was suffering from postpartum psychosis and kept having visions of Nico as an evil nurse.

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