Six EastEnders spoilers for next week including Shirley Carter’s horror and Sharon Watts' downfall

SHIRLEY Carter is devastated next week in EastEnders when she discovers that Mick was abused by his former care worker Katy Lewis as a child.

Here’s the lowdown on Shirley’s horror and everything else that’s happening next week in Walford…

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1. The police come for Katy 

It all kicks off next week when Frankie strikes up an argument with Katy and tells her mum that she deserves everything that’s coming to her.

Later, Katy fears the worst when she hears the police knocking at her door and rushes out, heading over to Mick's.

But Mick insists he hasn’t called the police and tells her that it must be Frankie, before ordering her to leave.

2. Shirley discovers Mick’s abuse secret

Katy does her best to manipulate the situation to her advantage again but loses control, a furious showdown ensuing between the pair. 

As they talk about the abuse that Katy put Mick through as a child, the pair are stunned to see Shirley standing there having listened to every word. 

Later, Shirley is shocked and saddened to realise that Linda knew that Mick had been abused. 

Will Shirley stop Katy’s games once and for all?

3. Ian collapses

Sharon’s latest attempt to kill Ian with a Christmas pudding might not have gone to plan, but the landlady strikes against next week and causes Ian to collapse. 

As Ash rushes to Ian’s side, Sharon insists that he’s fine and just needs to rest. 

4. Dotty threatens Sharon’s scheme

Dotty quickly smells a rat and says some things that lead Sharon to kick her out of the pub. 

Later, Sharon regrets her hasty actions and send Dotty a case of prosecco for the party to try and win her over. 

But Dotty later returns it to her, leaving one mystery onlooker intrigued by their interaction. 

5. Sharon’s murder plot is discovered

Sharon comes across another obstacle in the form of Kathy when Ian visits the doctor. 

Kathy berates Sharon for not revealing Ian’s worsening condition – might Ian’s mum grow suspicious of Sharon’s feelings for him?

When a mystery person overhears Sharon making a phone call, they run straight to Ian and let him know what they've heard. 

Is it game over for Sharon?

And who is it that’s watching her every move?

6. Jean Slater refuses cancer test

At the doctors, Jean is told not to worry about the lump she's found until she gets the results from the biopsy. 

But when the doctor returns to take Jean for her test, she’s disappeared. 

Later, a conversation with Iqra leaves Jean inspired and she deletes the voicemails from her doctor and vows to have fun at Dotty’s party.

Later in the week, Jean makes a huge decision.

What has she decided to do and will she regret it?

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