Sex and the City reboot theories including Miranda’s queer romance and Mr Big’s death

If, like us, you're huge Sex and the City fans and simply can't wait for the latest chapter in the story to air on 9 December, then you're in for a treat.

We couldn't help but wonder what's in store for fans this series, so to help whet your appetite while you count down the hours until And Just Like That… drops, we've pulled together some of the most exciting and – quite frankly – devastating fan theories.

From the hints in the trailer that suggest Miranda Hobbes (Cynthia Nixon) might be involved in a queer romance, to the heartbreaking evidence that points to the death of Mr Big (Christ North). Plus, how will the series deal with Samantha Jones' (Kim Cattrall) absence?

Mr Big is dead

None of us want to believe this, but many eagle-eyed fans have pointed out that the trailers and lots of the teaser photos suggest that Mr Big is no longer with us and Carrie Bradshaw's (Sarah Jessica Parker) grief will be something that's explored throughout the series.

"Hold on," we hear you say. "Chris North is in the show, so how can he be dead?"

Sex And The City superfans Lauren Garroni Chelsea Fairless took to their podcast, Every Outfit, to discuss.

"A lot of lighting with Mr Big where he's back-lit and halo-y. Like, does he f*****g die in this and these are just Carrie's remembrances of Big?!" Lauren theorises.

"I think there is a time jump of some kind," adds Lauren, explaining that we see Charlotte and Harry's daughter Rose with two drastically different hairstyles throughout the trailer.

There was also a picture shared on Instagram which showed Carrie in Paris and fans believed it looked like she was scattering someone's ashes.

Chris Noth was also pictured on set at the same time so many fans are hoping that's not the case. However, one fan presumed: "I think she's scattering ashes and he's there as a dream."

Where is Samantha Jones?

Speaking of characters' endings, one such plot point which remains unclear is how the show will deal with Samantha's absence.

A Tik Tok video showing actors filming Sex And The City dressed head to toe in black got people thinking that there will be a funeral this series. Could it be Samantha's or might it be Big's?

Sarah Jessica Parker has also teased that Covid will be a part of the storyline: "The [coronavirus pandemic will] obviously be part of the storyline, because that’s the city [these characters] live in."

This has led some fans to believe that Samantha may be trapped abroad on a PR trip due to travel restrictions. We hope not!

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Miranda Hobbes is gay

Since watching the trailer, many fans believe that Miranda's character might be enjoying a sexual awakening throughout this series, during which a queer romance blossoms between her and Sara Ramírez's character, Che Diaz.

Speaking more on the Every Outfit podcast, Chelsea said: "There was a lot of Sara Ramírez in this trailer. There was Sara Ramírez performing at Webster Hall, There was Sara Ramírez looking at Miranda in a way that you only look at people you want to f**k – let's be real. I feel very vindicated as a Miranda trooper after having seen this."

Lauren then pointed out that Miranda is seen hugging hubby Steve and son Brady in a closet which could symbolise that this series will see her come out.

"She's not going to be out and queer immediately. That's going to be the storyline for her throughout the season," Lauren added.

Aidan and Carrie are back on

If Big is out of the picture, will Carrie embark on a new romance with former flame Aidan Shaw (John Corbett)?

John confirmed he would be starring in the series: "I’m going to do the show," he told the New York Post, adding that the gig is "very exciting" for him.

"I think I might be in quite a few [of the 10 episodes]," Corbett added. "I like all those people, they’ve been very nice to me."

A fan took to Reddit to theorise: "My ideal scenario is that Carrie and Big have split, and she and Aidan have found their way back to each other. He was the good guy who got away."

And Just Like That… is the start of a new series

The brief trailers have given us a small insight into the series ahead, but we know that we'll be welcoming some new and exciting characters onto the scene.

Sara Ramírez plays non-binary, queer comedian and podcast host Che Diaz, Nicole Ari Parker stars as Park Avenue mom named Lisa Todd Wexley (LTW for short), Sarita Choudhury plays the single, rockstar real estate broker named Seema Patel, and Karen Pittman takes on the role of Columbia Law School professor Dr. Nya Wallace.

One of the most exciting theories we've come across is that SJP, Cynthia Nixon and Kristin Davis are reprising their roles in order to set these new characters up as a fresh quartet that will form the centre of a brand new series. Um, yes please!

Pap shots have been set up to throw us off the scent

Of course, most of these theories are based off of the pictures we've seen from the set and paparazzi shots of the stars while filming.

Some fans have pointed out that this wouldn't be the first time HBO have set up fake scenes so that pap shots throw fans off the scent in terms of spoilers.

So, the only way to know what happens for sure is to tune into Sky Comedy on Thursday 9 December at 9pm or stream the series on Now TV.

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