Seven EastEnders spoilers for next week as Nancy Carter’s secret is exposed

EASTENDERS is set to reveal what Nancy Carter has been hiding next week following her return to the Square. 

Here’s the lowdown on what’s happening in the BBC One soap next week…

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1. Nancy raises suspicions 

Viewers know that Nancy has been refusing to reveal the full story about why she’s back in Walford.

The Carters’ suspicions were raised when Nancy was secretive about a package she received in recent scenes, which later turned out to contain CBD oil.

Next week, Nancy’s secretive behaviour continues as she begs Sharon to give her a job at the gym behind Mick and Linda’s backs.

Later, Linda and Nancy plan a picnic for Shirley and when she overhears her daughter calling Tamway, she presumes he’s going to make a surprise entrance. 

2. Frankie follows Nancy

When Nancy turns up late to the picnic in a tizzy, Frankie realises that something is wrong.

When Nancy refuses to open up, Frankie decides to follow her sister to discover what she’s up to. 

What will she uncover?

3. Linda uncovers Nancy’s secret

Things only worsen for Nancy when Linda is shocked by what she finds in her daughter’s coat.

Later, it all kicks off when Linda confronts Nancy about what she’s found.

What’s going on?

4. Ben and Callum’s wedding is cancelled

Actor Tony Clay – who plays Callum in EastEnders – previously promised fans the ‘biggest wedding of the year’ after Callum and Ben's emotional proposal storyline earlier this year.

But it’s not looking so great for the lovebirds as next week on the soap Callum tells Ben and Phil that the wedding venue has gone bust.

Ben is gutted when Callum adds their whole wedding will have to be cancelled – and grows determined to fix it.

Will he pull something out of the bag?

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5. Bernie agrees to be Rainie’s surrogate

Bernie tells Rainie and Stuart she wants to be their surrogate next week.

Viewers will see the couple weigh up the pros and cons of the situation.

When Mitch and Karen are struggling to pay the bills back at home, tensions continue to escalate. 

Will Bernie go ahead with the huge decision to save her family?

6. Karen’s money struggles spiral

Karen and Mitch’s money struggles start to spiral next week in EastEnders when they fail to bag jobs.

Bailey starts to realise their financial situation and offers to give Karen the change from the last shop she did for her late mum before she died. 

Karen is horrified by the suggestion and insists she keeps the pennies. 

But Bailey still grows sick with worry about her family’s situation.

7. Bailey puts herself in danger

Later, Bailey overhears Karen telling Mitch that she’s be better off fending for herself, and takes it the wrong way.

Bailey pretends that the space camp has offered to pay for the winner’s place in order to stop Karen and Mitch worrying about it. 

Later, Mitch passes Bailey’s room and gets a horrible shock . 

What has Bailey done?

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