‘Scarred for life’ James Martin left red-faced after Tony Singh kilt blunder

James Martin 'scarred for life' after seeing up Tony Singh's kilt

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The TV chef and host of James Martin’s Saturday Morning was back on screens on Monday, and he met up with fellow chef and Scottish pal Tony Singh, who joined him as he ventured around the Isle of Skye. The pair were enjoying their trip, sampling food along the way, when one moment on the ITV show would leave James, 49, “scarred for life” as Tony climbed up a ladder while wearing a kilt.

After enjoying a spot of dolphin watching, the pair bumped into some crab fishers.

“Where do you catch all your lobsters and the crab, all around here?” James asked.

The fisherman replied: “Just around the coast.”

James commented: “All around the little islands. So, you’ve got the little crabs as well?”

He added: “Look at those, velvet crabs, all exported.”

“The male crabs are worth four times the money,” explained the local, adding: “They’re sweeter.”

“Can we take a crab and a couple of lobster?” James asked, to which the fisherman said: “No problem, take them all.”

After thanking him, James commented: “You don’t get any fresher than that, do you?”

“So I’m going to cook these, and you’re going to deer-watch,” James told Tony.

“Apparently over there there’s deer.” Tony added: “And they swim between islands.

“I’ve seen dolphins, I want to see some swimming deer.”

But the wholesome moment soon turned a little bit uncomfortable as Tony, sporting a kilt, began to climb up a ladder.

“Wow, wow, wow!” James shouted, turning his face away.

“Do you know what, I’ve seen some sights on this trip, but that’s left me scarred for life,” he commented.

James later cooked up a dish using the freshly-caught crab, and fans were quick to have their say on the food and James’ signature use of lots of butter.

One commented: “#jamesmartin have to say I’m salivating at the surf n turf.. islands to highlands #itv #stv.”

Another wrote: “That James Martin likes his butter, doesn’t he?”

“Little bit of butter??? … having a laugh #jamesmartin,” a third penned.

Someone else commented: “James Martin chef…uses loads of butter???”

James Martin’s Islands to Highlands airs on Mondays at 8pm on ITV.

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