Safety first! Love Island stars given STI tests before getting frisky

Outrageous sex scenes have definitely been watered down since the early series of Love Island, but upon entrance, the newborn reality stars are still required to take part in STI testing.

With nights in the hideaway and sharing a bed with their partner, it's safer for the cast to be prepped and ready to go when it comes to safety in the bedroom.

Love Island star Marcel Somerville has said that in his experience, the bosses of the show put a big push for safe sex – adding that anyone going on the show must pass an STI test.

Marcel, who said he didn't have sex himself while he was in the villa, told The Mirror that the show does strict testing before people go in the villa to make sure that everyone is clean.

He explained that "quite a few" tests are done before people enter the villa.

The former Blazin' Squad star said that he believes the show has progressed and changed, adding: "It's not that sexually driven anymore.

"They've made it more of a show that's accessible for a younger audience because I think there was a lot of younger people watching it and they didn't want to make it that kind of show."

Prior to Marcel's Love Island stint in season 3, the show saw lots of sex, drinking and smoking on-screen.

The star explained that show-runners wanted to make it so that people's choices were not "blurred", which he believes opened it up to a wider audience.

Just the year prior, some of the most outrageous scenes related to sex – including Emma-Jane Woodham and Terry Walsh's epic romp on top of the covers in a bid to be too vivid to not be shown on screen.

In season two Zara Holland had her Miss GB title stripped from her after having sex with Alex Bowen in the hideaway.

Season three still saw some of the Islanders having sex, but by season four, the show had completely toned down its risqué scenes.

Those that were shown having sex only took place if it was talked about by the other Islanders, but if the stars romped in private, it wasn't shown on TV.

Molly-Mae Hague confirmed in one of her YouTube assumptions video that she did have sex with Tommy Fury in the villa, though it wasn't shown on screen.

Love Island returns to ITV on June 28 at 9pm.

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