Roswell, New Mexico Season 3 Episode 10 Clip: Max Loses His Job

Max’s doppleganger hasn’t been subtle in his criminal actions, and it’s something Roswell’s new sheriff has started to notice

Arguably, there are pros and cons here. Obviously, one big con is the resulting lack of access to Max’s police resources that he and his friends will face. This likely means no criminal databases, no cell traces, nothing. But, on the upside, Max will be able to fully dedicate his time to helping Liz and the others. (It’s a sort of dim bright side, but it’s there).

Still, it’s important to remember that Jones has Heath now. And, in the race to the science of recreating The Dictator’s clones, Heath is going to be a key piece. As series star Heather Hemmens told TheWrap earlier this month,  Jones is “capable of evil beyond belief.”

With Heath under his thumb, Max, Liz and team have an uphill battle ahead of them.

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