Rose Ayling-Ellis details injury as she makes change for Couple’s Choice ‘It’s hurting’

Strictly: Rose's legs hurt from not wearing heels

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Joining It Takes Two host Janette Manrara on Wednesday night, EastEnders star Rose Ayling-Ellis and her professional partner Giovanni Pernice spoke about their upcoming performance for Saturday night’s Strictly Come Dancing. As Janette asked what viewers could expect this week, Rose revealed they were performing the Couple’s Choice. However, she revealed she’d been in pain during rehearsals.

Speaking on their upcoming dance, Janette began: “Couple’s Choice, how do you feel with the Couple’s Choice so far?”

Rose explained: “I love it, it’s very different to everything I have done before, it’s more free.”

Janette squealed with excitement: “It’s free, and that was going to be a question I was going to ask actually because you’re so good in the Latin.

“And you’re so good in the ballroom, but Couple’s Choice is totally different, it can be whatever you want, it can be very free, are you finding that interesting in the training?”

Rose continued: “Yeah, it’s nice to not have a traditional rule, it’s nice to not have that for the moment and just tell a story.”

After watching a clip of them in training and noticing they weren’t wearing any shoes, Janette asked: “Are you thinking of maybe going barefoot?”

Giovanni promptly exclaimed: “Yes! We’re doing a lyrical dance, we’re more telling stories, so yeah.”

“And it’s nice to not wear heels for one week, but it’s actually hurt my leg because my muscle is so used to wearing heels, so when I go barefoot…” Rose admitted before she was cut off.

Laughing, Janette teased: “Oh, I’m sorry, she’s so used to wearing the heels now she can’t cope with barefoot.

“I can’t wait to watch, I love the song so much, and Couple’s Choice is such a beautiful thing because it’s all about you guys, you’ve chosen it, your song, your concept, good luck.”

The Couple’s Choice dance was introduced on Strictly in 2018 for series sixteen and involves the couples choosing to perform one of three styles of dance.

They can choose from contemporary, which contains elements of ballet and modern, street/commercial, which encompasses a range of urban dance and theatre/jazz, which is a style of musical theatre.

The highest-scoring performance since the Couple’s Choice was introduced in 2018 was a theatre/jazz routine from Steps’ Faye Tozer and Giovanni Pernice.

The Bob Fosse inspired routine took part in the iconic Halloween week, which impressed the judges as they were awarded three 10s and a nine for a total score of 39 out of a possible 40.

Last week Rose and Giovanni performed the Samba to Cinema Italiano by Kate Hudson and scored 32 out of a possible 40.

All four judges scored their performance an eight, which the pair were more than happy with as they celebrated with Claudia Winkleman.

Rose said: “I’m improving my Latin now,” to which Claudia informed them it was their best Latin score.

Giovanni also spoke about Rose’s confidence and said: “We’ve been working on the rotation all week and trying to make the rotation as much as we can.

“If we pleased the judges, then well done to you,” he said as he turned to Rose.

Strictly Come Dancing continues Saturday on BBC One at 6.40pm 
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