RHONJ Reunion Recap: Danielle Throws Andy Cohen Tantrum, Before Everyone Attacks Her

Teresa throws Danielle under the bus, Staub battles Margaret … while Joe Gorga goes off on Joe Giudice.

Nearly 12 years after she made her first appearance on "Real Housewives of New Jersey," star Danielle Staub has left the building … again.

The third and final hour of the Season 10 reunion focused heavily on Staub’s drama with the women, mainly Margaret Josephs and Teresa Giudice. But her first hissy fit began before she even stepped out on stage.

Since she wasn’t a full blown Housewife this season, Staub came out to film only a portion of the reunion with her costars after they already started. Backstage in her dressing room, she told a producer that she had "asked several times" to be seated directly next to Andy Cohen. "Either the right or left is fine," she said, "I’m an original housewife, I should leave in the seat I originated. If I’m not next to Andy, that’s fine, I can walk."

As she kept repeating her demand, Andy eventually went to her dressing room after hearing there was drama. She explained that she didn’t want to "sit anywhere but next to you," because she couldn’t hear him the previous reunion due to all the other ladies yelling. "The minute you said my name, that trout mouth never shuts up," said Staub, referring to Josephs.

Andy looked dumbfounded and said there was no way he was putting her next to Teresa or Margaret, who were already seated to each side of him. After being pushed during an argument between Staub and Giudice in the past and witnessing Danielle pull Margaret’s hair this season, he wasn’t taking any chances.

"So move [Margaret] to the end," she said, again leaving Andy in shock. "This is what this conversation is about?’ he asked, bewildered. "I will make sure you can speak. I do feel like you can do that no matter where you’re sitting," he then reassured her. "I don’t know what else to say. It’s your call, I hope that I see you out there."

While it was clear none of the other women wanted her there, Staub did make her way on stage and was seated to the far left to everyone else.

First, Danielle was asked about the men in her life. Of her short engagement to Oliver Maier, the Duke of Provence, she said he "wasn’t well." She added, "I tried to take care of him for months, I got him in a facility. I visited him as much as I could. In the end, I just really need to take care of me and stop taking care of other people."

Cohen then asked about claims Staub made about ex-husband Marty Caffrey — who accompanied her to the reunion taping — calling him "abusive." Danielle said they both "said things publicly we shouldn’t have" after their split and refused to speak further about any alleged abuse.

Bringing up Marty led to Staub once again reiterating her belief Margaret was responsible for their divorce, which prompted a spat between the two women over the hair-pulling incident. Staub claimed anything she did was "a reaction" to nastiness from Margaret, before Josephs said, "You physically assaulted me and you have no remorse."

She didn’t and copped to it. In Danielle’s mind, she had been putting up with two-and-a-half years of digs and simply had enough. "You knew what you were doing when you called me a prostitute over and over again, because I told you how much it hurt me," said Danielle. "Stop talking when I speak. See Andy, this is what I mean, she will not let me speak!"

Cohen then brought Teresa into the conversation, after Giudice was seen encouraging Staub to pull Margaret’s hair before she did it. "I got caught up in the moment," said Giudice, who called her actions a "mistake." She also said she was surprised Danielle went through with it, having had her hair pulled in "a big traumatic point" in her life way back in Season 2.

Teresa then claimed she didn’t actually see the hair-pull happen, and only realized what happened when she watched the season on TV. Bravo editors, however, played back footage of the incident — and Giudice was looking directly at it in shock. Sadly, Andy didn’t follow-up on her claim, as Giudice then said she wouldn’t have defended Danielle as much after the attack had she seen it (which we all know she did).

Margaret said she was hurt by Teresa’s role in the altercation because in her mind she had "never done one bad thing" or "said a bad word" about her. Teresa apologized, said she wouldn’t blame the alcohol but pointed out she was "f–king wasted" and then got up, reiterated how sorry she was and hugged Margaret.

"I got caught up in the moment. That’s something to show my kids, when you hang out with the wrong person, you kinda do wrong things," said Teresa, referring to an agitated Danielle. "So the wrong person is the same person that calls you every day when your mom was sick?" Staub shot back.

"That’s why I stood up for you for two years and then you f–king stabbed me in the heart," Teresa told her. Giudice ended her friendship with Staub after Danielle exposed her involvement in the hair-pulling incident to the other women. "She’s not a loyal friend," explained Teresa.

"I didn’t feel this would be a reason to end our friendship, I really didn’t," said Danielle, who was getting no sympathy whatsoever from anyone, let alone Teresa.

In her goodbye message to viewers, Danielle thanked her fans before saying, "If you don’t fit in with a crowd, you should just really leave." She added that she thought she was "doing pretty well" with the other ladies, but that wasn’t the case. "I have to figure out what it that makes me happy and I can’t do that around people that really don’t like me," she said in her final moments.

While the Staub showdown was the main draw of the episode, the hour also kicked off with some very important Joe Giudice talk as well.

Andy didn’t hold back, with Teresa revealing she paid over a million dollars in legal fees and back taxes for Joe, saying she doesn’t believe he’ll ask for spousal support and denying she and her ex had sex when they finally saw each other in Italy.

When her brother, Joe Gorga, came out and said she deserved better, Teresa agreed. "Now, after everything I’ve been through, I do want more for myself too," she said, adding, "Oh my god, his family’s gonna hate me."

Gorga made it clear he was not a fan of Joe’s behavior during his first TV interview with Teresa and Andy, saying he didn’t seem apologetic at all. Cohen agreed, saying, "If I’m from ICE and I’m watching this, why am I flipping [his deportation decision] around?"

Of talk Joe cheated on her, Teresa said she never walked in on him with anyone, as certain rumors had alleged. "I’m such a f–king bitch. If I caught my husband cheating, I would not be with him," she said. "That’s all I would need to say bye-bye.:

Joe Gorga said he’s been trying to get Teresa to sign the divorce papers ASAP, believing Giudice is procrastinating for more money. "Send him the papers, sign!" he told her. While Teresa didn’t give any indication it would happen soon, she did reveal she will change her name when and if she remarries.

That’s a wrap "RHONJ" — see you next season!

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