Reunion ahead? Bobby will keep pursuing Dana, reveals EastEnders star

Dana Monroe may be developing a crush on Peter Beale (Dayle Hudson) right now, but EastEnders fans invested in her love story with Bobby (Clay Milner Russell) can still hold a candle of hope.

A reunion is still possible; and Bobby hopes so as much as the viewers, as he continues to pursue Dana, reveals actress Barbara Smith.

‘Bobby really wants to get back with Dana, quite badly, and I don’t think he’s going to drop that anytime soon,’ she told when we caught up.

And Dana herself may even consider it in the future; as it’s clear some of those feelings still remain.

‘For Dana, she would never completely rule it out, she’d always be fond of Bobby,’ the star mused.

‘I think she just feels like what went on with Aaron and the bomb, and all of that, I think she doesn’t really see a way back from that.

‘Bobby thinks if they work on things, they can move forward but Dana, it’s still so fresh in her mind, she can’t look at Bobby without being reminded of everything that’s happened with Aaron.’

She added: ‘We see Dana lash out at Bobby in the coming weeks, and I think it’s because she associates him with that really traumatic period in her life.’

This leads Dana to find comfort in the friendship with Peter, which Barbara admits her character finds ‘surprising’.

But as they get closer, how far might things go – how far do these sudden new feelings go?

‘Dana didn’t really like Peter not too long ago!’ Barbara reminded us.

‘There was the whole thing where she thought she was pregnant, she was calling in sick, Peter was always a difficult boss for her.

‘But Dana is thinking about going off to uni and she now has less to lose. She feels like anything can happen but before, she wasn’t feeling like that.

‘Bobby was her best friend before and now she’s lost that, she’s looking for something.’

Bobby is going to have to make some serious effort if he has any hope of a reunion.

But, as Barbara says, Dana will never rule it out…

Let’s just latch onto that, shall we?

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