Ready to Mingle – full lineup of contestants

READY to Mingle is ITV’s brand new dating show for fans already mourning the loss of Love Island from their screens. 

Comedian Katherine Ryan hosts the dramatic new reality show that will see 12 men fighting for the attention of one single woman. The catch? Not all of her suitors are single.

Who is in the Ready to Mingle lineup?

This explosive new series will take place in a posh Devon apartment, where each guy will attempt to woo the stunning 24-year-old at the centre of it all. 

The men will not only be competing for her attention, however, as they also stand to win a £50,000 cash prize. 

The format might sound somewhat familiar to fans of The Bachelorette, which also features several guys competing for the attention of one girl – only this time their girlfriends are in on the game and coaching them to win the money. 

But who are ITV’s hottest new dating show contestants? Here’s what we’ve learned from their Instagram profiles. 

Sophia Maria

This glamorous Brighton beauty has already racked up over 2000 Instagram followers thanks to stylish holiday pics and bikini snaps.

Hailing from Hove, Sophia Maria returned to the UK last year in lockdown after travelling Australia, Fiji and Bali.

According to the Daily Mail, Sophia's type on paper is a dominant, headstrong guy who loves going to the gym.

She said: "I've always gone for a fit guy, someone who takes a lot of pride in his physical appearance and goes to the gym a lot – I really, really like muscles. Looks-wise, Tom Hardy is my vibe. I like a bit of facial hair and tattoos."

She also values height and a good sense of humour in her man: "Personality wise, the comedian Kevin Hart is my type. I need someone who's going to make me laugh. I'm 5ft 8, so I like someone to be 5ft 11 or above. But I don't like them too tall."

Chris Baber

27-year-old Chris Baber is an electrical engineer from New Quay with a chiseled jaw and impressive muscles.

Chris likes to post adventurous, sporty snaps to his Instagram  @chris_baber, which has 880 followers.

He also loves surfing and kitesurfing and he also has a twin brother called Tim – who is equally handsome!

Toby Bougouneau

24-year-old fashion model Toby Bougouneau seems to be based in Manchester, although he can also be seen frequently posing for pictures in London.

The 6ft 2 hunk can be found on Instagram under @7toby, where he has already amassed more than 4k followers.

Casey Sonnekus

22-year-old Casey Sonnekus is based in Cardiff and has recently returned from a holiday in Croatia, where he travelled between Split and notorious party island Hvar.

It isn't clear what Casey does for a living, although one snap suggests that he might be a railway worker.

Casey can be found on Instagram with over 5k followers @cas_sonnekus.

Rudi Senghore

27-year-old Rudi Senghore is a carpenter from Essex

He's a big spurs fan according to his Instagram @rudiseng_ and currently has 560 followers.

Drew Wedlake

26-year-old Drew Wedlake is a pro heavyweight boxer from Bristol and has recently been seen holidaying in Hvar, Croatia, just like fellow castmate Casey.

The athlete is also a musician and can be found singing and playing guitar in his spare time.

It may be worth noting that Drew appears to be the only contestant that our leading lady is not following on Instagram – yikes.

The 6ft 6 strongman can be found @dwedlake and already has over 5k followers.

Louis Hart

Tattooed yoga-enthusiast Louis Hart can be found on Instagram  @louishart__ with 1.1k followers and can be found on TikTok under the same handle.

He also seems to have is own construction projects going judging by his other Instagram account louishart__projects.

Lewis Croker

Firefighter Lewis Croker hails from Somerset and appears to be a real family man.

The young emergency services worker loves taking selfies at the gym where he can be seen showing off his massive biceps.

Right now the fitness enthusiast has over 1k followers on his Instagram @lewiscroker_.

John Okafor

22-year-old John Okafor is a professional rugby player and was 18 when signed his first contract with Harlequins.

He continues to play rugby at Leeds Beckett University where he studies.

The 6ft 6 athlete hails from London and often posts sporty snaps to his Instagram @johnokafor__, which has over 3.5k followers.

Elliott Miles

Not much is known about this mystery man but he does seem to post a lot of cute snaps with his family and has an adorable sausage dog called Dora.

Elliot also appears to love travelling and has previously visited Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos.

He can be found on Instagram @elliottmiles14 and currently has 830 followers.

Hakeem Tru

Hakeem can be found on Instagram under the handle hakeem_tru.physique so it's unclear whether Tru is his last name, but either way he's definitely worked out how to brand himself with #TruWayTraining.

The young fitness enthusiast describes himself as a pro athlete, coach and personal trainer, sharing his fitness pics with nearly 3k followers.

Hakeem appears to spend most of his time in London these days and also mentions being big into Fashion, the NFL and RnB music.

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