Phillip Schofield says Prince Harry ‘has no support’ in fiery This Morning clash

This Morning presenter Phillip Schofield has defended Prince Harry following the fall out from his podcast appearance and says he has no support whatsoever.

Harry recently appeared on Dax Shepard's Armchair Expert podcast where he opened up about being raised by his father Prince Charles.

He compared his life to Jim Carrey's classic film The Truman Show, where the main character's life is broadcast to the entire world without him knowing.

Many have hit out following the interview, but he has an ally in This Morning host Phil.

He was debating the comments the Duke of Sussex made on Monday's show with journalist Camilla Tominey and flamboyant author Giles Brandreth.

Coming down on the royal's side, he said: "I thought the podcast was shocking done they are dreadful interviewers, just let him speak.

"When you listen to the podcast, you see the headlines. He talks about The Truman Show, big headline!

"But he was fed that line, there was a lot that was very unfair. I thought he was incredibly eloquent over mental heath.

"I went in thinking 'oh Harry do shut up' but I came out thinking 'good on you'.

"He said he is damned if he does and damned if he doesn't."

Phil went on: "There are times when some of the things he says are unwise, you don't want to upset your grandmother because she has just buried her husband.

"But you can't talk about mental health without talking about your own background.

"But he has no support whatsoever."

Piers Morgan wasted little time having a pop at Prince Harry and Meghan Markle following the chat.

He lashed out at 'spoiled brat' Harry for 'yapping' about the situation.

He grumbled: "For a guy who craves privacy, Prince sure is yapping a lot about his private life…

"How many more times is this spoiled brat going to publicly trash the Dad who's bankrolled him his entire life?"

Piers says he is fed up with what he calls hypocritical comments and interviews.

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