Phillip Schofield coronavirus fears: This Morning host to start stockpiling toilet roll

Holly Willougby and Phillip Schofield were back today with another packed show but as they welcomed viewers to This Morning, Phillip joked about stockpiling in case he has to self-isolate due to coronavirus.

Phillip opened the show welcoming the viewers to Wednesday morning with an anecdote that took a serious turn. 

He began: “Hello and welcome to Wednesday on This Morning. Now, we don’t very often say hello to people randomly.

“But, I was in the supermarket yesterday and the lady who was in there who was absolutely delightful and watches the show every morning.

“She said ‘Oh I love the show today and can you say hello to me?’ so I said ‘Yeah sure.’”

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Holly waved at the camera and said hello to the unnamed woman as Phillip went on.

“Now, here is the thing, she’s called Vicky and then she said, and this is what guaranteed a place on the show,” he continued.

“Her husband is called Ricky and her sisters called Nicky.”

“So, hello to Vicky, Ricky, and Nicky, you are guaranteed a mention.”

He then went on to joke he would see them again as he added: “Anyway, I’ll see you soon when I’m stockpiling toilet paper.”

It comes after the presenter revealed he was concerned he should self-isolate after returning to the UK from a family holiday to Paris.

Phillip explained: “Last week I was in Paris. Do I put myself in self-isolation? Do we shut down this place?”

Regular guest Nicola Thorp said: “The guidelines don’t seem to be particularly clear for everybody.

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“It does seem like we’re constantly talking about coronavirus without talking about the implications of it spreading.”

Panic buying has seen shelves stripped of toilet paper in Australia, while notices are being placed in shops which have run out of anti-bacterial handwash and hand sanitiser. 

A photo emerged last night of shoppers in an Australian supermarket with trolleys piled high with toilet paper, and on Twitter #toiletpapergate is trending.

The moment attracted attention on Twitter as viewers gave their views on stockpiling in case of a pandemic.


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One viewer tweeted: “#ThisMorning I feel people WANT to stockpile food, only because they feel that they need to be part of the current situation as these days it seems to be the “done thing” with the way social media is! #coronavirusuk #coronavirus.”

Another said: “Please why they are stockpiling toilet paper for a respiratory disease.”

“i find it greedy and selfless that people are taking all of the hand sanitizer and then there being none left for somebody else. surely a guideline should be in place so everybody has a limit on how many they can buy!” explained another. 

A fourth said: “Honestly people need to just calm down. Taking precautions is fine but not when you’re emptying the shelves. Where I work we are constantly asked if we have any face masks but most are wanting them for painting. Yet we are out and will be for quite some time.”

This Morning continues on ITV tomorrow at 10am.

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