Paddy stuns Marlon with birthday gift as they reunite after fight in Emmerdale

A year ago in Emmerdale, Marlon (Mark Charnock) was in hospital after his massive stroke, and even though he desperately needed his best friend Paddy (Dominic Brunt), the vet couldn’t cope with what had happened to his friend and did everything he could to avoid going to visit him in hospital.

The friendship that the two men share meant that Paddy soon realised he had to step up and be there for Marlon and after a touching reconciliation Paddy was there for his friend during every step of his recovery.

A lot has happened since then and in the aftermath of Paddy’s mental health crisis that saw him decide to take his own life, Marlon has been doing his best to show all the care and support to Paddy that his friend previously showed to him.

He’s been overdoing it a bit because open-hearted Marlon doesn’t hold back when he loves somebody. He’s been terrified that Paddy’s mental health will deteriorate again and even sat up all night watching the front door of the Woolpack on the night after Paddy’s suicide attempt, in case Paddy should try to go off on his own again.

While some of Marlon’s initiatives like assembling a ‘man club’ among the men of the village have helped Paddy, the vet has become irritated by Marlon’s refusal to leave him alone and give him space. This came to a head when he declared he wouldn’t be coming to Marlon’s birthday party – which was also planned as a celebration of how far he’d come since the stroke.

In Monday (March 20)’s episode of the soap Marlon was despondent about the situation with Paddy and told Rhona (Zoe Henry) he didn’t want a birthday party any more. Meanwhile Mandy (Lisa Riley) had words with Paddy about his treatment of Marlon, and Paddy revealed he’d got two tickets for a gaming fair for Marlon as his present.

He eventually went over to Marlon’s and handed him the tickets. Marlon was thrilled by the thoughtfulness of the gift, as gaming has always been something that he and Paddy have done together.

The pair had a heart-to-heart, with Paddy apologising for the way he spoke to Marlon previously and Marlon saying sorry for being over-protective. Paddy admitted he needed Marlon to pick him up when he’s down and said that he didn’t know what he’d do without him.

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