Opening sequence of No Time To Die declared as most emotional Bond scene yet

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In it, a misty-eyed 007, played for the final time by Daniel Craig, bids farewell to Vesper Lynd, the spy who loved him but who died in the 2006 film Casino Royale.

Even before the titles roll, Bond is seen in front of a family mausoleum where the body of Lynd – who was played by Eva Green – is entombed at a hilltop cemetery.

Director Cary Fukunaga decided to open No Time To Die with the harrowing scene because “we wanted to tie up a lot of the strands of the stories from Daniel’s run as Bond”. But he won’t spoil the film for fans by revealing whether they will see a rare tear rolling down the cheek of the world’s deadliest secret agent.

Fans did see Bond weep into his vodka while drowning his sorrows over Vesper in 2008’s Quantum of Solace. But the depth of his misery is evident in the opening scene of No Time To Die which, says Cory, shows “just how much more raw and brutal and brooding he is”.

That sequence also paves the way for Bond to pursue his latest love interest in his new adventure – psychiatrist Dr Madeleine Swann, played by French actress Léa Seydoux, 36.

Léa, who joined the franchise for 2015’s Spectre, said after seeing No Time To Die: “There’s a lot of emotion in this Bond. It’s very moving. I bet you’re going to cry. When I watched it, I cried.”

The tear-jerking opening sequence was filmed in the historic southern Italian town of Matera but the graveyard where Bond stands was built by the film crew to capture the stunning background views.

No Time To Die – which cost £180million and has been delayed by the pandemic and an injury to Daniel that required ankle surgery – is expected to eclipse Spectre’s global box office total of £644million.

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