Olsen twins SUED by Ashley’s ex David Schulte after he leaves job as president of their fashion company The Row – The US Sun

THE Olsen twins have been sued by the former president of their fashion company, who was once Ashley's boyfriend.

David Schulte filed a lawsuit against the child stars-turned-designers in court last week, five months after he abruptly departed from his post.

The nature of the suit is unclear due to the fact that David filed his lawsuit under seal.

David is also Ashley's ex-boyfriend, but the two had split two years before he was appointed president of their fashion company.

Ashley was just 27 when she began dating the exec, who at 44 was 17 years her senior.

The year-long relationship came after her romance with Hangover actor Justin Bartha fizzled out.

Ashley is now rumoured to be engaged to artist Louis Eisner after she was spotting wearing a massive ring last summer.

The Olsen twins launched The Row in 2006, and 14 years later are still managing to turn a profit from their high-priced luxury wares.

This season features coats in wool ($6,990), leather ($9,990) and cashmere ($11,990) for the line's well-to-do clientele.

Men can also choose from coats in alpaca ($4,850), suede ($6,995) and shearling ($7,495).

It is unclear just how much The Row makes, though WWD estimated the company was doing $50 million in sales annually back in 2015.

The line was never meant to turn into a business and was instead a passion project for the girls, launched two years after they retired from acting with their final film New York Minute.

The two were sitting atop a $400 million empire at that point, allowing them to be less concerned about their bottom line those first few years.

Mary-Kate and Ashley have been heralded by the fashion elite for their work, and have won five Council of Fashion Designer of America Awards, including the prize for best womenswear in 2012 and 2015.

Soon after, they began to work professionally with David, who was head of the luxury eyewear brand Oliver Peoples.

David played a big role in expanding The Row as the company opened new flagships in New York and London, launched a menswear line and became a leader in the accessories market.

He left abruptly however around the same time that Fabrizio Fabbro was named the CEO of the company, joining the team after previously working for Burberry.

The move also came just a few months after news broke of Ashley's rumored engagement to Louis.

Court records show David first appeared in front of the court back on January 1 with an Order to Show Cause.


He then filed his complaint last week, along with a Motion to Seal that the judge has yet to rule on in the case.

In the interim, the filings are under seal in the commercial lawsuit.

His lawyer and a spokesperson for The Row have yet to respond to requests for comment.

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