Olly Murs screams as his 'teething' new puppy Missy bites his ear

OLLY Murs screamed as his "teething" new puppy Missy bites his ear in another funny TikTok video.

The 36-year-old shared more fun footage of his four-legged friend he got with his girlfriend Amelia in lockdown.

He said on Instagram: "Warning to self: Pups teeth are sharp."

Posting a video of himself lying on the floor as Missy bit into his hand.

Singing along to the music, Olly let out a yell before Missy moved onto a nibble of his toe.

She then chewed his ear – leaving fans in hysterics.

Olly captioned the video: "No one told me pups have razor sharp teeth."

One follower replied: "Looks like you just got your ear pierced for free tho."

"This missy content is amazing!", said another.

A fan joked: "She probs doesnt wanna be involved in your tiktok pranks."

The singer has been working hard during lockdown to create entertaining content for his fans online.

Last week he revealed he's got a new puppy, telling fans: "Meet our 'Missy'".

He's already posted two videos making fun of the adorable dog.

But he still had time to mess around with Amelia for his 3.3million followers.

The 36-year-old launched himself into his pool at his Essex mansion to make a splash in front of her.

She was lounging on a blow-up chair in the middle of the swimming pool, subtly reading a copy of her boyfriend’s 2015 book.

Playing in the background is Mark Ronson’s Uptown Funk featuring Bruno Mars. 

As the lyrics hit “Stop, wait a minute,” Amelia holds her hand up and Olly stops in mid-air. 

She then pushes herself out of the way before Olly splashes into the pool besides her. 

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