Olly Murs reveals two stone weight loss after getting to a ‘heavy’ 14st left him ‘sleepless and grumpy’ – The Sun

OLLY Murs reveals he lost nearly two stone after getting to a "heavy" 14st left him "sleepless and grumpy".

The singer, 35, recently debuted his impressive weight loss after a knee injury left him bed-bound and unable to exercise.

But Olly says he shed nearly two stone in eight weeks as the extra weight was putting a pressure on his health.

He told The Sun Online: "I was 14st 3lbs. I'm always between 12st 8lbs and 13lbs. And I'm 12st 8lbs now.

"To be that heavy was not good for me. I did not feel fit, I was having really bad sleepless nights, I was grumpy.

"I just wasn't myself so I'm glad I've got back to where I feel most comfortable."

The Voice judge credited his bodybuilder girlfriend Amelia Tank – who he started dating in January – for helping him be motivated, but said most of the work came down to him.

He continued: "You've got to help yourself. I've got to get off the sofa and in the gym, I've got to eat the right foods.

"At the end of the day, I've got to control what I put in my mouth and I'm in control of what I do in those situations.

"[Amelia] was great, but I was the one who steered it really."

Olly unveiled the results of his fitness and diet overhaul in a before and after snap showing the progress he'd made in just eight weeks.

The knee injury stopped him from being able to move, having previously told The Sun: "When you have major surgery like I did, there were many days where I did nothing at home on the sofa.

"I couldn’t walk, let alone exercise, and I was so bored, so I would often raid the sweet drawer.

"One of the great things about Amelia is she is very active and in the gym a lot, so without her saying it, it encouraged me to get back in there.

"But I knew I needed to take it slow."

He began dating City worker and former bodybuilding champ Amelia last January and got very serious with over the summer.

He previously gushed that the 27-year-old is "amazing" and his "best friend".

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