Nick Knowles sparks Channel 5 backlash for ‘ripping off’ Stacey Solomon ‘The Same!’

Nick Knowles introduces Marlow family to decluttered home

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On Thursday evening, Nick Knowles was in Buckinghamshire with the Everett family whose home was drowning in clutter for his Channel 5 show, Big House Clearout. His arrival came after mum Vicky fell seriously ill and took up crafting as a hobby. The paraphernalia in and around the house became a significant issue for husband Graham, son James and daughter Jess. However, some viewers were less than impressed when they branded the show a rip off of a previous one Stacey Solomon presents on the BBC.

In the episode in question, upon entering the Everetts’ home, Nick joked: “If you got any more stuff in here, you wouldn’t be able to walk through it, would you?”

“No, at times you can’t,” Graham replied.

Nick continued: “It’s full of your life, basically, isn’t it?” with Vicky replying, “I mean, it’s a live-in house, yes, and it reflects our priorities.”

After emptying their entire house of all their belongings, Nick set the family the task of getting rid of 50 per cent of the clutter in exchange for their home to be renovated.

The family spent hours together getting rid of unnecessary junk and filled an entire skip of rubbish they had in their house.

It was soon time for the family to see their clutter-free home, with Vicky exclaiming: “Oh my goodness…”

Children James and Jess also were taken aback with how clean their house looked and said: “We can come out of our rooms now and enjoy the space down here with mum and dad.”

The renovations also saw Vicky have her own room to create her crafts in, without cluttering up the rest of the house, she explained: “It keeps me sane, I don’t get bored because I sit and craft.”

Getting emotional, Vicky and Graham thanked Nick for his help and bringing their family home together again.

After watching the show, viewers took to Twitter to share their thoughts – although many couldn’t look past the likeliness it shared with Stacey’s show Sort Your Life.

One wrote: “This #bighousesortout is a rip off of that #staceysoloman show #sortyourlife.”

With another agreeing: “Why has @channel5_tv and Nick Knowles done a blatant rip off of Stacey Solomans show from BBC.”

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“Not the most original these for a telly programme, but Ch5 #bighouseclearout is nicely done,” a third added. (sic)

This isn’t the first time the show has faced criticism, as both Stacey and Nick have spoken openly about the likeliness before.

While the two shows are similar, The Big House Clearout assists six families in a bid to help change their lives and clear their cluttered homes.

When the show first aired, one viewer, penned: “So, is the new @MrNickKnowles show on @Channel5_tv basically exactly the same as @StaceySoloman Sort Your Life @BBCOne show?!”

Seeing the tweet, Nick responded: “Well it’s very similar subject matter as here are many shows in this field at the moment.

“But I hope you’ll see differences that will make it worth a watch.”

Responding to his tweet, Stacey also weighed in: “I can’t wait to watch it!” alongside four love heart emojis.

The presenter also participated in a similar task himself where he chucked out 85 per cent of his own belongings as he moved to the Cotswolds.

Nick claimed that his life has changed for the better now that he doesn’t have “a load of clutter” loitering around his cottage.

Nick Knowles’ Big House Clearout airs every Thursday at 8pm on Channel 5.
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