New Zoom horror movie Host leaves viewers 'scared to open their laptops' after group of friends terrorised by demons

A QUARANTINE-THEMED horror film has left viewers chilled to the core and even terrified to attent Zoom meetings.

Host dropper on horror platform Shudder – accesible through Amazon Prime – on July 30 and has made waves with its jump scares.

In fact, the movie has been so popular that it achieved a rare 100% Rotten Tomatoes rating at the time of publication.

The footage was filmed entirely on Zoom over three months and tracks a group of six friends who hire a medium to perform an online séance.

Unsurpsiingly they end up summoning a demonic entity,who wastes no time tracking them down in their homes.

The hour-long film is directed by Rob Savage and unsurpisingly, was inspired by the sense of isolation many have endured during lockdown.

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"Really, we had this great opportunity to freak people out with something that's become part of their daily routine," he told NPR.

"Because this is how so many of us have been communicating over the past few months."

Judging by fans' comments on Twitter, the film certainly delivers on the fear factor front.

"FFS can't even open my laptop after watching Host in case some evil spirit decided to come for me," one user wrote.

"Is watching Host a legitimate reason to avoid Zoom meetings at work because I'm straight up traumatised?" a second asked.

A third warned: "Host is the best horror film of 2020 and the most relevant – but don't watch it if you're working from home unless you have nerves of steel."

While a fourth quipped: "Host f***ed me up, no more video calls for me."

Host isn't the only film to terrify audiences in lockdown – many were left sickened by Netflix's cannibalism horror The Platform.

Host is available to watch via Shudder on Amazon Prime Video now.

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