Neighbours star Matt Wilson details massive Nicolette baby twist ‘We knew she’d disappear’

David (played by Takaya Honda) and Aaron (Matt Wilson) have been on the strongest footing of their relationship since they first made things official on Neighbours. Fans of the Aussie soap will know the pair have been expecting their first child with surrogate Nicolette Stone (Charlotte Chimes). However, the baby handed over to David and Aaron was not their expected daughter. 

Aaron and David have been preparing themselves for fatherhood together. 

When David’s father Paul Robinson (Stefan Dennis) returned home from a trip to the capital with a newborn child after making a deal with Nicolette, Aaron and David were taken aback, but over the moon, as their dream of parenting became a reality. 

However, as seen in Friday’s episode, Nicolette has tricked Paul, because the baby she handed over to him was not actually David and Aaron’s daughter. 

And it looks like the Channel 5 soap is about to get even more complicated in the coming weeks for the couple. 

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In a recent interview, Matt Wilson, who plays Aaron, opened up about what is in store for his character. 

He told Digital Spy: “Every now and again, we’ll get a story update, and sometimes it’s really far in advance, going ahead by 12 months. With this one, we had a meeting with Jason Herbison, the executive producer of Neighbours.

“Jason is a writer himself and writes some of the episodes of Neighbours. That means his memory on storylines is brilliant. Whether it’s moment by moment or line by line – he can recall it for every character on the show and what’s going to happen for them in the next six months.

“Jason gave us a rundown and explained what would happen, so we had a bit of a heads-up for this one. But we didn’t know how it would pan out afterwards. We just knew that Nicolette would disappear close to the due date and we would have no idea where she’d gone.”

A heavily pregnant Nicolette recently fled Erinsborough, which eventually led to Paul flying out and tracking her down, with the help of an investigator. 

When Paul returned home, he handed over baby Isla to a stunned David and Aaron. 

Paul explained that Nicolette had already given birth, and although Aaron and David were initially frustrated that he kept his trip from them, they were jubilant about Isla. 

But David, Aaron, and Paul were all unaware that Isla isn’t their daughter.

Although Paul offered Nicolette $1million in return for the baby and for her to stay away from Erinsborough forever, Nicolette actually gave Paul a baby which was not hers, meaning the real Isla is still with her. 

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When discussing how David and Aaron’s marriage was tested in the aftermath he said: “Yeah, I think lately we’ve been getting a lot of storylines where they are pushed to their limits. 

“Aaron and David seem to have a lot more altercations now – maybe it’s because we’re three years into being married.

“It is really good because sometimes you can be quite dormant as a character. When you’ve got juicy and meaty storylines like this, it’s fun because you can really go for it.

“What’s good is that this story doesn’t back off for a while. It’s quite intense for some time, so it’s lots of fun.”

He went on to explain next week’s episodes in more detail.

He said: “Paul arrives back with a baby and it’s a big, dramatic scenario. Terese warns David and Aaron that there’s some news. Then Paul just walks in and says: ‘Meet your daughter’.

“Paul presents David and Aaron with a baby. They fall in love with that baby for some time, but is it theirs?

“They still don’t know where Nicolette is, as they can’t get in touch with her. She’s just left David and Aaron these really lackluster letters, containing poor apologies.”

Neighbours airs weekdays on Channel 5.

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