Neighbours Anne Wilkinson looks incredible 20 years after quitting soap

Brooke Satchwell shot to fame as schoolgirl Anne Wilkinson when she first appeared on Neighbours in 1996.

During her time on the Australian soap, she had an on-off romance with hunk Billy Kennedy, and their romance proved popular with fans.

However, Brooke announced she’d be leaving Ramsey Street in 1999, and her last scenes were shown in April 2000.

She later confessed she had “never intended to stay more than three years”.

More than 20 years on from her big break, the 42 year old is a million miles away from her Erinsborough alter ego.

In recent pictures of the star, although she looks as though she's barely aged a day, Brooke has blossomed into a stunning young woman.

After leaving Neighbours in 2000, she went on to have supporting roles in a number of Aussie dramas, including Water Rats, BeatMaster and White Collar Blue.

A short time later, in 2004, she became a brand ambassador for Pantene hair care range.

In 2008 she was cast in her first-ever film, Subdivision, which tells the tale of a community under threat from city developers.

The film was only released domestically in Australia and performed moderately well for an independent – earning $206,350 at the box office.

The same year, Brooke was caught-up in the Mumbai Terror Attacks while filming in India.

Staying at the Taj Hotel, which was occupied by Islamic militants, she spent an hour hiding in the bathroom before escaping – climbing over dead bodies as she went.

"People were getting shot in the corridor and there was someone dead out the front of the bathroom," she told National Nine News. Next thing I knew I was running down the stairs and there were a couple of dead bodies across the stairs. It was chaos."

Away from acting, the former soap star has devoted her life to charitable work and activism.

She has promoted charity work as a fundraiser for the Starlight Children's Foundation Gift of a Lifetime, and in joining the fight against sand mining of Sydney's historic Kurnell sand dunes.

In 2009, she supported Power Shift, a climate-change conference for young people held in Sydney.

Brooke was engaged to film editor David Gross from 2012 until 2019.

In 2015, she stated that long times separated by distance made it hard for them to ever set a date for the wedding.

These days, the star keeps a low profile, and doesn't have any public social media accounts.

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