Morag Married At First Sight UK: Where is Morag Crichton now?

Married At First Sight UK: E4 release trailer for new series

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Married At First Sight UK is on E4 and the experiment is almost over for the five remaining couples. In the latest episode, they spoke truthfully about what was on their minds as the honesty box was passed around the dinner table. Morag was still uncertain as to what her future with Luke would look like and fans are keen to know where she is now.

Where is Morag from MAFS UK?

Morag Chrichton was paired with Luke Dawson for the experiment and he was not the man she was looking for.

Over the course of the experiment, she tried her best to understand who Luke was, saying he had lost his way following past relationships.

He underwent a transformation for his wife, determined to make the marriage work, but Morag said she was worried about breaking his heart.

Even at the last dinner party, she was nervous to think about what their future could look like beyond the experiment.

She was asked the awkward question of why the old Luke was “not good enough” for her.

Fans have praised her for her honesty, whereas others were concerned she was in denial about her true feelings.

The MAFS star is on Instagram and she has been keeping fans updated, posting photos of herself with her fellow cast members.

It looks as if the Essex-born vet is still friends with Tayah Victoria after she shared a photo with the caption: “Just me and my girl wobbling our way to the last dinner party!”

Tayah responded with the message: “Love this and you” followed by a heart emoji.

There has been no word of Luke, although he did feature in one of her behind the scenes photos from September 28.

Luke featured alongside some of the other couples, with Morag saying: “You may only see the drama at dinner parties.

“But imagine if you got to see our secret parties.” At the end of the latest episode, it was uncertain whether the pair would renew their wedding vows.

Morag admitted they had come far as a couple, and they were fully supportive of each other’s views.

However, she asked herself whether this was just as friends, rather than as a married couple.

During the final dinner party, Matt Jameson made clear how he felt Morag was not the right woman for Luke.

Although Luke was prepared to give up everything for Morag, saying he was no longer interested in having children.

Tonight’s episode will see the couples make the final decision as to whether they want to continue their lives together.

Even if Morag does not stay married to Luke, it seems they are likely to remain good friends.

They have built a close bond over the course of the experiment and definitely make each other happy when they are together.

At the start of the series, fans recognised Morag from another dating show, believing she had appeared on ITV’s Take Me Out.

They found footage of the star in a 2018 episode of the dating series, with Paddy McGuinness.

Fans have taken to Twitter to share their thoughts on Morag and Luke’s future, with Ms Magnum saying: “Caught up on Married At First Sight. How is Luke still trying with Morag? Like how?”

However, on Instagram, Georgiaa_snell said: “The fact you’ve been completely honest through out the whole process just shows your a honest and kind caring person and I think anyone would be lucky to get paired with you.” [Sic]

Breathe_deep_gehenna added: “This episode is already making me feel anxious. Those dinner party episodes are pretty brutal.”

Married At First Sight UK airs Mondays to Thursdays at 9pm on E4.

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