Men fight over woman while living in her house in new show Five Guys A Week

Channel 4 are twisting the dating show format once again in brand new show Five Guys A Week.

Five male suitors are forced to win the affections of one woman while living together in her house.

The lucky lady, Amy Louisa Jane, admitted she thought the concept was "bonkers" at first but loved having the power and joked: "It was a shame I couldn't keep them all."

Speaking on today's This Morning, Amy said: "I think when I first heard about it I thought it was really bonkers.

"But I liked being in control, in my own house and fast track the dating process. Having five suitors come in and decide who is right for me."

When Phillip Schofield asked about room space, Amy said: "It was quite cosy. I think we had three people in the spare room on camp beds and two in the living room. It was my house, my kitchen, they were making a mess in…and my toilet."

All five lads joined Amy in the This Morning studio – but did not give away who had been successful.

Christian Sanderson, dubbed 'Mr Nice Guy', was the self-confessed flirt of the group.

He said: "You go in there with one mindeset. I wanted to find true love and wore my heart on my sleeve. I loved it. It was one of the best times of my life."

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Glen Ockso, a father of four, cooked breakfast for the group, but joked: "It was pure bribery. I'm not going to say whether it worked or not."

While the romantic member of the group, Scott Nicholls, revealed things did progress a little bit as he was the first to kiss Amy.

The country and western musician said: "It wasn’t something any of us planned. What was great about the whole thing, it didn’t spoil the camaraderie between us five and Amy as well."

Michael Taverner, a Hollywood stunt man who appeared as a Stormtrooper in Star Wars, admitted he liked to ask a lot of questions.

Turning to Scott, he said: "You said your first kiss didn’t cause any issues. I hated you from that point."

Trystan Mullins, the 'shy one', added: "I was the last guy in the house. I arrived to meet and greet everyone. It was quite overwhelming."

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