McFly star Harry Judd and wife Izzy reveal gender of their third child in cute family video

MCFLY star Harry Judd and his wife Izzy revealed the gender of their third child in a cute family video.

The drummer, 35, and his musician wife, 37, shared an adorable video where five-year-old daughter Lola and three-year-old son Kit find out the gender of their new sibling.

And both Lola and Kit were very excited to meet their new brother – as Harry and Izzy are expecting a boy.

The kids kissed the sonogram pictures of their soon-to-be little brother as they danced around their parents.

Speaking about revealing their pregnancy to the kids, Izzy wrote: "It’s a…..

"When I was pregnant with Lola, Harry and I decided to leave the gender as a surprise.

"Having gone through so much miracle medical intervention and fertility treatment it felt like this little secret was the one thing we could keep left to nature.

Sportsman's legs

"I loved not knowing and Harry being the person to tell me she was a girl when she was born.

"When I was pregnant with Kit we had decided not to find out but then after both thinking that the sonographer gave the game away when he said “sportsman’s legs” we asked them to write the gender down in an envelope, but we never opened the envelope, even though it sat in our kitchen drawer throughout the pregnancy!

"This time around we decided we would like to find out, mainly for Lola & Kit.

"It’s lovely to be able to share this with you. I’ve loved not knowing and knowing, how about you? ♥️"

Writing in the comments, Harry said: "Lola still the only Mcfly baby girl."

His bandmates Tom Fletcher and Danny Jones only have boys, while Dougie Poynter doesn't have children.

In May, they shared the adorable moment they told their two kids they would be a big brother and sister.

In a cute video, the two sat on their mum’s lap as they read the note from dad Harry out loud. 

The message read: ‘To Lola and Kit, Lola you are going to be a big sister again! 

‘Kit you are going to be a big brother! Mummy has a baby in her tummy, Love Mummy and Daddy.’ 

The delighted toddlers were then seen stroking their mum’s growing bump, as Izzy explained that the baby was ‘growing in the same place they had grown’ and that they had ‘made it cosy’ for the new arrival. 

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