Love Island's Toby tells Chloe he thinks she's 'the one' after dumping Kaz, Abigail and Mary for her in first look

LOVE Island star Toby Aromolaran is set to tell Chloe Burrows she could be "the one" tonight after finally settling down into a couple.

Earlier this week, Chloe, 25, took back the semi-professional footballer after he dumped her and strayed with bombshells Abigail and Mary.

Fans watched on in this weekend's Unseen Bits as the loved-up couple enjoyed a romantic picnic, once again hotting things up between them.

But Toby, 22, is about to take things one step further in Sunday night's episode of the ITV2 dating show, declaring that Chloe could be "the one".

As the islanders head out of the villa to visit the Island Vibes Club, the couple take time to celebrate their rekindled romance over a drink.

"I did what I did and then I realised, Chloe's potentially the one," Toby can be heard telling financial services marketing executive.

"That's when I thought, you know what, let's see if we can salvage this. And right now, I think we're in a better place completely," he adds.

"You know I'm the one," Chloe quips back, looking lovingly towards her beau, before adding: "We're in the best place, I'm really happy."

Toby brutally dumped Chloe for brunette bombshell Abigail, 27, before moving on to new girl Mary, 22, in Casa Amor.

But despite his wandering eyes, Chloe took him back after he pleaded for forgiveness, saying: "You can come out of the doghouse now."

And they made up for lost time under the covers – with shocked viewers noticing the pair enjoying a romp in front of the cameras on Wednesday.

He told Chloe ahead of their enjoyable evening: "I've never been exclusive before, but I'm happy because I know what I want."

Toby has jumped between girls ever since he joined the Love Island villa but claims to have finally settled on Chloe.

Originally coupled with Kaz Kamwi, he swapped her for Chloe and jumped to Abigail before heading off to Casa Amor and hooking up with Mary.

But almost the moment he returned Toby decided he didn't want either of them and attempted, successfully, to win Chloe back.

Not everyone was surprising by his bed-hopping antics, as some eagle-eyed fans spotted he promised to spark chaos in his first ever video for the show.

The 22-year-old footballer explained in the video all about his whole chaotic approach to dating admitting: "I might have commitment issues."

He compared girls to chocolate bars, saying: "One day you want Snickers. The day day you're thinking: I want a Twix, or a Kit Kat. I want them all."

Speaking in his introduction video, Toby added: "Casual sex can only take you so far until the girl starts getting drawn to you and now she wants to take it to the next step. I'm not on that.

"I don't want to take it to the next step. If you're really looking into it I might have some commitment issues."

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