Love Island’s Rebecca Gormley in ‘blackfishing’ row as she shows off new braided hair

LOVE Island's Rebecca Gormley has been accused of 'blackfishing' after braiding her hair.

It comes just weeks after she faced cultural appropriation claims for a photo shoot where she was dressed in a traditional Native American outfit.

A new shot of the reality star shows her with tight braids as well as loose tendrils gelled in curls.

It's led to claims she's Blackfishing – a term used when someone adopts makeup or hair stylings to appear like they have black heritage.

The look has proven so divisive a whole thread on it has opened up on forum site Reddit.

Kicking off the thread, one critic wrote: "Rebecca from S6 has done this, only weeks after her cultural appropriation photo shoot. Is she doing it for attention? Or does she not have decent management?"

It prompted many strong opinions, with one user replying: "There are quite a few celebs who do stuff like this for the ‘outrage culture’. It brings them engagement."

Another vented: "I suppose in her world she feels any attention is good attention. But no honey, please, just stop being so ignorant."

Although some did stick up for Rebecca and dismissed it as a lot of fuss about nothing.

"honestly sad if yall are triggered by this s**t," read one comment in her defence.

While another simply put: "I don't see any issue."

The Sun has contacted a rep for Rebecca for comment.

Two weeks ago the 22-year-old, posted a series of photos on her Instagram showing her in the costume and posing alongside a spotted horse called Hope.

In the pics, Rebecca sports a fringe coat, headdress with feathers, traditional Native American jewellery and holding a long totem pole.

The Love Island star captioned the post: "OMG I wish you guys could have seen what went on during this photoshoot😂 you would not believe it!

"Cows in the field started to charge at the horse 😩 this was soooo terrifying ngl. But no one was hurt thankfully. I tell you one thing now it’s not always glamorous being a model😂"

"Thanks @joelawsphotography for once again creating amazing images & also a HUGE well done on your gold medal 🥇Makeup by the lovely @ajedgarartist 💄btw how gorgeous is Hope the horse 🐴."

Rebecca's run-in with the cows was not the only confrontation she faced that day, as her followers rushed to condemn the shoot as cultural appropriation.

"Are you seriously dressed like a Native American," one Instagram user asked, while another postured, "what in the cultural appropriation?"

One person asked if she had stopped to consider whether it was appropriate to wear a Native American costume.

"Hun did u think this through??" they wrote.

The photographer, Joe Laws, alleges he won an award with the Masters Photography Association for the controversial shoot and admitted he "always wanted to use Rebecca Gormley for this creative idea".

Cultural appropriation refers to someone taking on the elements of a culture different to there own.

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