Love Island fans in disbelief as bombshell Liam tells Faye hes really 21

On Thursday's episode of Love Island, new bombshells Liam Reardon and Chuggs Wallis finally made their highly anticipated appearance on the show.

But viewers were gobsmacked when bombshell Liam declared his real age.

Handsome Liam from Merthyr will certainly turn up the heat in the villa and wow the current ladies with his manly looks, but his age may come as a surprise to some.

During his date with islander Faye Winter, 26, Liam said he was only 21 years old.

Liam's admission amazed Faye, who confessed she didn't mind being a "cougar", but viewers at home were also very shocked that he was so young.

Taking to Twitter, bewildered and confused fans expressed their thoughts.

One viewer wrote: "Liam said he’s 21! I almost fell down."

Another said: "Liam is 21? I refuse to believe it, I thought he was at least 29/30, I’m older than him."

"How are people like Liam looking so old these days like come on man I'm 16 going on 10 how did this happen," another confused fan said.

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While a fourth penned: "Still not over the fact that Liam is only 21 when he looks like that!"

Liam and Faye's date seemed to go very well and they ended their outing holding hands as they walked back together to meet the others islanders in the villa.

But will sparks fly between these two?

Elsewhere in the show, things appeared to be heating up with Sharon Gaffka and Aaron Francis as they shared an intimate kiss on the rooftop.

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Liberty Poole and Jake Cornish also shared a passionate kiss while they laid together on the day beds, but later on in the programme Jake admitted to his pal Hugo Hammond that he doesn't have too much interest in Liberty.

Despite the fact that they've remained coupled up since the beginning, Jake confessed that he doesn't have too much of a connection with the blonde beauty.

The foot fetish lad told Hugo: "The biggest thing is the personality, the personality is mint. I can't fault or complain."

"I haven't got the girl there where I'm like f**k me, I wanna rip her clothes off, I wanna be in your attention all the time.

"I wanna walk past and give her a slap on the a**e, or a cuddle. I ain't got that with her."

But viewers weren't best pleased with Jake's frank admission and said he was leading Liberty on.

Love Island airs each night at 9pm on ITV2

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