Love Island 2021 LIVE: Faye and Teddy row sparks 25,000 Ofcom complaints as Brett makes move on Priya

LOVE Island has been hit with a record 24,763 Ofcom complaints from fans infuriated by Faye's "toxic" meltdown.

The incident, which saw Faye swear and scream in partner Teddy's face, is now the most complained about moment in the show's history.

An Ofcom spokesperson said: “We’ve received a high volume of complaints about last week’s Love Island, which is consistent with a trend of growing complaints about high-profile TV shows.

"We are carefully assessing the complaints we’ve received, before deciding whether or not to investigate.”

Meanwhile new bombshell Brett Staniland is about to make his move on Priya Gopaldas.

The hunk takes the medical student out on a date… but where does this leave Matthew MacNabb?

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  • Lucy Murgatroyd

    'DO I GET A PECK?'

    Priya didn't go in for a full on snog with Matt.

    She said in the Beach Hut that she didn't go for it was because of Brett…

  • Lucy Murgatroyd

    'PPE' – pulling Priya early

    Matt has pulled Priya for a chat… will he go for it?

  • Lucy Murgatroyd


    Matt has told Jake that he wants to lock lips with Priya.

    But will Brett try to stop that from happening?

  • Lucy Murgatroyd


    The Irish hunk has said that he's really into Priya.

    Ut oh…

  • Lucy Murgatroyd


    The beauty has confessed she fancies him.

    She likes him because he's intelligent and he's into the same things she's in.

    Mary didn't realise what PhD meant and Priya jokingly asked if she thought it meant "pretty huge d***".


  • Lucy Murgatroyd


    The model has told the Islanders he doesn't really have a type.

    He also said he can speak a little Spanish and Priya can too!

    The medical student is impressed and has just confessed she was drooling over him…

  • Lucy Murgatroyd


    Priya has just got told "you look great" by Brett.

    The Islanders are grilling the model on who he wants to couple up with.

  • Lucy Murgatroyd


    Chloe and Priya have spotted new boy Brett by the pool.

    All the girls have run down the stairs to see him…

    Who will like him?

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    IT'S ON!!!

    Stay tuned here for all the latest shenanigans that happen in tonight's episode…

  • Lucy Murgatroyd


    Priya, 23, is a fifth year medical student at University College London. 

    She worked on the Covid-19 Intensive Care Unit in early 2021. 

    The stunner entered the villa on Day 37 as the series goes into its final weeks, and her arrival has already shaken things up. 

    She spent the first week in August in isolation in Majorca before meeting her Islanders with fellow new bombshell Aaron Simpson.

  • Lucy Murgatroyd


    The bombshell is a 27-year-old PhD student and model from Derbyshire and joined Love Island on Day 38.

    And if any of the villa ladies fall for the charming exercise and health pupil, they will enjoy the extra eye candy when he takes them home.

    That's because Brett has an identical twin brother – Scott – revealing before entering the villa: "We're mirror twins. Our hair naturally parts the other way, I'm left handed, he's right handed, I'm he's left footed and I'm right footed.

    "There's some blemishes on our skin which are perfectly opposite. I'm older by two minutes.

    "There's some very peculiar questions I get asked, like if I hit you, will he feel it?"

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    15 MINUTES TO GO!!!

    We hope you've got your popcorn at the ready…

  • Lucy Murgatroyd


    Speaking about his intentions before entering the villa, Brett revealed: “Millie, Kaz has been a recurring pick for me and maybe Mary.

    “They all seem like really lovely people. I’d go and ask the question for sure. I want to know where their heads are at.”

  • Lucy Murgatroyd


    THE latest Love Island bombshell is a hugely successful male model with an identical twin brother.

    Brett Staniland, 27, shocked the Islanders when he arrived in the villa last night – with his sights set on Millie.

    Bosses are hoping they will hit it off and sway her away from Liam.

  • Lucy Murgatroyd

    30 MINUTES TO GO!!!

    Get your popcorn at the ready… tonight is going to be a good one!

  • Lucy Murgatroyd


    LOVE Island bombshell Priya Gopaldas has shown off how different she looks while working as a medical student in hospital.

    The 23-year-old is in her fifth year of studying to be an orthopaedic surgeon, working with muscles and bones.

    Check it out here for yourself!

  • Lucy Murgatroyd

    ALL AT IT!

    LOVE Island fans were left in shock last night and convinced ALL the couples were having sex.

    Lovebirds including Millie and Liam were filmed getting jiggy under the covers after the lights in the villa had gone out.

    Chloe and Toby also appeared to be moving around under their duvet during Tuesday night's show, along with Liberty and Jake.

    The next morning, Teddy grilled Toby on whether he'd heard "cheek clapping" coming from his bed.

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    Faye caused a wave of Ofcom complaints after screaming at Teddy on last Friday's episode when the Islanders got to witness scenes from Casa Amor.

    Liam also spent the past week winning Millie back – after his head was turned by Lillie in Casa Amor.

    Now both Faye and Liam are trying to rekindle their romances, leaving fans wanting their families to come in to confront them.

    Read the full story here.

  • Lucy Murgatroyd


    LOVE Island fans are begging producers to bring in the parents to confront Faye and Liam after a dramatic week in the villa.

    Both the Islanders caused a stir on the ITV2 dating show in the past week, with their partners Millie and Teddy's families speaking out from home.

  • Lucy Murgatroyd


    Viewers were certain the new hunk looked just like the fictional TV star.

    Robbie Rotten played the villain in the popular kids show which ran on CBebbies from 2004 to 2007. 

    One fan wrote: "Brett is the human Robbie Rotten."

    Read the full story here.

  • Lucy Murgatroyd


    LOVE Island bombshell Brett Staniland has left fans doing a double take after spotting an uncanny resemblance to LazyTown's Robbie Rotten.

    The 27-year-old model shocked the Islanders when he arrived in the villa in yesterday – with his sights set on Millie.

  • Lucy Murgatroyd


    In light of his dumping, Hugo has spoken out about his failed romantic connections in the villa and compared them to the interest he's received in his DMs now that he's back in the UK.

    Taking to TikTok, Hugo was seen lip syncing to a female voice who uttered "Oh my God" first in horror before repeating the phrase in a more jubilant manner.

    The reality TV star teasingly wrote across the clip: "My search for a genuine connection in the villa" and switched the caption to "The state of my DMs right now" as the audio changed to a more seductive tone.

    Read the full story here.

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    LOVE Island's Hugo Hammond has claimed his social media inbox is "packed" full of DMs after he was dumped from the island.

    The 24-year-old PE teacher was sent home from the villa alongside Amy Day last week following a tense vote-off between the Islanders.

  • Lucy Murgatroyd


    The morning after he decided to whip Mary up some treats while she lounged on the sunbed.

    Talking with Priya, Kaz, Toby and Liberty, Aaron said: "We are going to do a sweet treats brunch. Sugary sweats because she likes sugary treats. Fruit. Make it look pretty and nice and I'm going to take it over."

    As well as a bowl of blueberries and sugary sweets, he also put a whole pot of hummus in the bowl.

    But he decorated it by placing full carrots – that were not washed or peeled – around the bowls edge.

    Read the full story here.

  • Lucy Murgatroyd


    LOVE Island viewers were left horrified as Aaron added a very odd ingredient to Mary's breakfast – unwashed, unpeeled carrots.

    The bombshell caused a stir as he entered the villa this week, but managed to get Mary's attention.

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