Love Is Blind’s Lauren takes swipe at Giannina and Damian’s ‘shocking’ Netflix wedding

LOVE Is Blind’s Lauren has taken a swipe at Giannina and Damian’s ‘shocking’ Netflix wedding.

The hit dating series brought plenty of drama, none more so than when Giannina fled her nuptials and fell over in the mud moments after Damian dumped her at the altar.

However the shocks kept coming, as during the reunion show, Giannina and Damian revealed they had decided to give their relationship another go.

Their on-off romance certainly gave Lauren – who married her date Cameron on the show – plenty to talk about.

Speaking to BBC Radio 1's The Reality Tea podcast, she said: "Ermmmm… You know what? I wish the best for them…

"To me, I’m going to be honest, it was a little shocking, especially how their wedding ended.

"So, I mean, if they are pushing forward in their relationship then I honestly wish them the best.

"But I'm not going to lie and say that I am not surprised, because I'm surprised."

Meanwhile Love is Blind producer Chris Coelen recently admitted the crew were not prepared for the walk-out drama on Giannina and Damian's wedding day.

He told "We were totally unprepared for that to happen, otherwise we would have had cameras stationed in better positions.

"We had a cameraman who just took off [after Giannina] and was a very fast runner.

"He chased her as she was bolting down that long driveway, it was crazy.

"She was out there, her mum followed her down, they were probably out there for half an hour, maybe more. It was very emotional."

Love is Blind is available to stream on Netflix now.

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